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Pushing Through

Posted by ICURNpope on Feb 28, 2010 2:49:37 AM

Training week 1 has begun! I'm so proud of my fellow athletes "Who wants to get Active"! I've read the other blogs and am amazed at all they have to overcome. You are strong and you can do this!!!


My first training session an eye opener! I wasn't in for the shock of how difficult it was to maintain running for 20 min at 4.5 miles/hr on my treadmill. Even with my favorite music, 20 minutes seems alot longer when I'm trying to push through. For some reason my right knee has been sore.  I think I twisted it slightly at work. I didn't want that pain to discourage me and be an excuse not to run, so I got on that treadmill and pushed through the initial pain. When I was done, my knee didn't hurt any more than when I had started, so I'm glad I didn't succumb to the temptation to skip out. I did feel dizzy a bit so I needed to turn the speed down for a little and walk, but after 3 minutes, I picked up the pace and continued my run. My second and third runs were similiar but I was more invigorated by the third run and felt GREAT afterwards!! I love endorphines!!! That run alone gave me hope to continue to push myself toward the goal!


On the downside, I did skip one of my crosstraining workouts. I was tired and just didn't make it a priority. I need to be careful not to slack off and cut corners. I want to feel great about my body and my energy level and cutting corners won't accomplish this. Also, I didn't monitor my diet. I've been in the habit of overeating and eating emotionally for so long, that this is another area of weakness for me. I had donuts, pizza, beer...etc. But I now have a plan and the junk food is leaving the house!  I have the great support of my husband, who also is changing to a more heart healthy diet. Of course my two boys, who crave sugar, are in for a shock!!


I want some input on the Active workouts for the Wii. I just bought a Wii today and am curious about the different fitness programs that are available for this system. Has anyone tried them?



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