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Today was glorious! It was a balmy 36 degrees here in Chicago, the sun was shining, and I decided I was not going to work out in my dark dreary basement today. I said "hasta la vista" to my treadmill and the same  four walls I had been staring at for the last few weeks,  and headed to the great out doors. Most of the sidewalks and bike paths in my neighborhood have not been shoveled yet, but at least the street were plowed, for the most part.  I sure wish I had seen Coach Jenny's  video about dressing approriately for cold weather l BEFORE I headed out. I was WAY OVERDRESSED! I had on a t-shirt, a thick hooded sweatshirt, my heavy winter ski coat, complete with winter hat and gloves. I was SO HOT after about 5 minutes, and had no where to toss the extra layers, so I just unzipped my jacket a little bit, and then stuffed my gloves in my pocket.


I brought a timer with me, so I could keep track of my training time. I decided I would try to incorporate a little bit of jogging to the training.  The program I tried was a 30 minute segment, which consisted of a 7 minute jog, a 3 minute walk, another 7 minute jog, and a 3 minute walk, and a final 7 minute jog and 3 minute walk. I was so excited that I was able to complete the program! So all together, its like I jogged for 21 minutes!!

After I got home, I took the car out, and re-traced my path to figure out my distance.  It was 2.3 miles! I logged into the site to use the tools to calculate my pace. It said it was a 13 minute mile! I was so excited! Yes,  I realize this is a pretty slow pace,  but for me personally, it is an accomplishment. Just a few weeks ago, I was a coach pototato. Today I was actually jogging!  I felt so good afterwards. I was really proud of myself. And I am looking forward to tomorrow. I hope the sun will be shining again, hoping to be outside again. What a difference it makes to be outside ! The fresh air, the slight chill. Something about it just improved my whole mood. I just felt healthier!

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On to week TWO!!!

Posted by CBPepperman Mar 2, 2010

So, here we are in week two ALREADY!!! I seriously can't believe it. My week one started out on an ok note...I was extremely disappointed to find that my endurance isn't even close to what I thought it was. I could only run for 1 minute at a time with walking time in between!! AHHH! How am I ever supposed to run a 6K in 8 weeks if I can't even run 1K? Then my daughter started running a biggie I told myself- that is until the next day when it still hadn't gone down (thankfully it was a low grade fever) so off to the pediatrician we go to find out she has Rotavirus. WHAT? My child has not been sick in all her 18 months with the exception of allergies! So there went another 3 days. I was able to sneak in some workouts and was pleased when come Saturday I was able to run for 2 minutes at a time before I had to start walking. So, there was some improvement in that department. NOW- the eating did not go so well last week. I've been using the fitday tool and it's been fantastic when I remember to put everything in it. I've been noticing that some days I'm eating more calories than I need to even maintain my weight, but some days I can't even fathom eating all the calories I need to eat to get to my goal weight! Can this be true? I would love some advice from anyone out there on the types of foods I should be eating! Thanks in advance!


So, goals for week two are to really watch what I eat, drink more water and up my minutes of running at one time! I'm proud to day that I was able to run 5 minutes at a time and I didn't feel like I was about to die last night! Tonight, for cross training, it was the stationary bike...I'm not really sure how I feel about it so far. I guess I'll be able to tell more in the morning. So, week two is off to a pretty good if I can only get the weather to cooperate. I live on the coast of Alabama, it really is not supposed to be this cold in March. We should not be having snow threats!!! Doesn't Mother Nature realize this??? I hope everyone has a fabulous week!



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Are you kidding me??

Posted by walkinginthelight Mar 2, 2010

I got on the scale this morning, and was so excited! From last week to this week, I was down 15 pounds! "Are you kidding me?" I thought, as I looked at the scale in utter amazement!. I stepped off, and stepped back on. Now I was down 30 pounds!! What the heck?? Then the realization set in.... Yes, it was kidding me. It didn't take long to figure out  that the battery needed to be replaced in my scale. What a bummer! After swapping out a new 9 volt for the old one, I  stepped on the scale one final time. The accurate weight loss from last week to this week was a mere one lonely pound. ONE! Thats it?? That stupid scale. Way to build up my hopes then just tear them to pieces! I wanted to throw that darn thing right out the window!

Not to be too discouraged, I remembered that "muscle weighs more than fat", so maybe I had built up a lot of muscle, and thats why it only showed a one pound loss. At least that the story I'm sticking with.

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Week 2 ALREADY????

Posted by Roxychic87 Mar 2, 2010

Hey everyone,

So I decided that every Monday is going to be the day that I check my weight. I want to see if I am losing weight or if I am gaining weight. This week I weighed in and realized I lost one pound. I was super happy with my results.I want to lose one to two pounds a week. I am going to check my inches lost in about three weeks (about half way). I decided this past Friday to work out and work hard on my legs. I manage to get my legs so sore that I was not able to walk on Saturday and Sunday. I then got food poisioning on Saturday night/all day Sunday. I am going to be subbing in the days this week to get back on track with my schedule. As far as my knee goes, I still feel pain. I am going in to the doctors next Monday. I am excited to see what they say. I am going to see if I can get an X-Ray on my knee just to make sure 100 percent that it is okay.

I think for me, if I want to lose weight I need to start writing down exactly what I am putting in my mouth. Starting today, Tuesday March 2nd I am writing down exactly what I am eating. I do actually eat really healthy BUT I love to eat a lot. I think this will help me to eat less and maybe drink more water too. I know I need to drink at least a gallon of water a day. I think I drink about one liter to maybe two liters of water a day. The days I go to the gym I can easily get two liters and the days I do not go to the gym I can easily get no water in.

Have a gym buddy SERIOUSLY. I have a good guy friend that has been training me. He seriously is my motivation to help me work out in the morning and get me sore. I have never been sore like I am when I work out with my friend. Group X classes at the gym are great too. I think everyone should take advantage of those cause our bodies get use to the cardio machines. We need changes... Our bodies want to stay the same so we have to take a lil challenge.

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP. I am planning on looking online for stretches I can do for my knee. I messed up my back badly on Friday too cause I did not do my squats correctly. I think the correct forrm is important here too. Any advice or help is always welcomed. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you all soooo much!!!!!





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Hey everyone,


We are going to spice up the Who Wants to Get Active? program with a blogging contest. Starting today we will be monitoring the blogs for volume, inspiration and creativity. The contest runs through Sunday March 14 and awards will be handed out for:


  • Most inspirational post from March 2 to March 14
  • Most comments on other participants' posts from March 2 to March 14
  • Funniest post from March 2 to March 14
  • Post from March 2 to March 14 with the most views. For this one we encourage you to promote your post--share it with family and friends, post it on your facebook page, etc.


And in the team category:


  • Most posts from a single team from March 2 to March 14


We will have some great prizes including pedometers, $100 gift certificates to a sporting goods store and more!


Way to go in your training so far and keep up the great work!

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Posted by Blake500 Mar 2, 2010

Ok I made it through my first weekend and my birthday without completely blowing the diet.  I need to plan my meals for the weekends on Thursday.


On Saturday I ran fro 25 minutes straight at 4.2.  I know its not very fast but I was impressed with my self that I could go that long.


I'm noticing some tighter muscles from the the 3 days of weight training I did last week.


And as of Monday I am now at 247, that's 6 lbs gone in one week.

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Building a base

Posted by davedunham Mar 2, 2010

Building a base is the most important part of the beginning of any program.  Two of the biggest mistakes made are doing too much early on in the build-up phase and running too fast.


The object of building a base is to slowly build up your aerobic conditioning.  If this is done too quickly you will likely end up injured.  Most newcomers make the mistake of overdoing it early on and never recover.


At the very beginning all running should be done at conversation pace.  If you cannot speak coherently (assuming you could while not running) while running you are going too fast.  Slow down and enjoy the run.  Typically this would be about 60-75% of your maximum heart rate, but if you don’t have a heart-rate monitor or don’t want to be constantly checking your pulse the easiest thing to do is the talk test.  If you cannot talk you are going too fast.  The time for speed-work will come later in the program, right now your focus should be to get time on your feet running.


I’m not sure how long your program is and if you are starting from “scratch” but the base building should take about 3 months.  You should increase your mileage each week by 10% during the building phase.  That can be done by either increasing each of your runs, or if you are only running 3-4 times a week the easiest way to increase is to add an additional day of running.  You should discuss your mileage with your coach and be careful to adjust as injury/illness/life changes your plans.


Good luck and be careful out there!

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