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On to week TWO!!!

Posted by CBPepperman on Mar 2, 2010 6:10:35 PM

So, here we are in week two ALREADY!!! I seriously can't believe it. My week one started out on an ok note...I was extremely disappointed to find that my endurance isn't even close to what I thought it was. I could only run for 1 minute at a time with walking time in between!! AHHH! How am I ever supposed to run a 6K in 8 weeks if I can't even run 1K? Then my daughter started running a biggie I told myself- that is until the next day when it still hadn't gone down (thankfully it was a low grade fever) so off to the pediatrician we go to find out she has Rotavirus. WHAT? My child has not been sick in all her 18 months with the exception of allergies! So there went another 3 days. I was able to sneak in some workouts and was pleased when come Saturday I was able to run for 2 minutes at a time before I had to start walking. So, there was some improvement in that department. NOW- the eating did not go so well last week. I've been using the fitday tool and it's been fantastic when I remember to put everything in it. I've been noticing that some days I'm eating more calories than I need to even maintain my weight, but some days I can't even fathom eating all the calories I need to eat to get to my goal weight! Can this be true? I would love some advice from anyone out there on the types of foods I should be eating! Thanks in advance!


So, goals for week two are to really watch what I eat, drink more water and up my minutes of running at one time! I'm proud to day that I was able to run 5 minutes at a time and I didn't feel like I was about to die last night! Tonight, for cross training, it was the stationary bike...I'm not really sure how I feel about it so far. I guess I'll be able to tell more in the morning. So, week two is off to a pretty good if I can only get the weather to cooperate. I live on the coast of Alabama, it really is not supposed to be this cold in March. We should not be having snow threats!!! Doesn't Mother Nature realize this??? I hope everyone has a fabulous week!



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