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Posted by epeaslee on Mar 3, 2010 8:17:17 AM

So last night I sat down on my bed and glared at my treadmill for a full five minutes. I knew I needed to workout, but I wanted to go out drinking with my friends, or do my laundry, or read book, or really anything else. So I was mad at the treadmill who is only trying to serve its purpose and help me. I did get on it and use it and felt good about myself after. For me personally the hardest part of working out is putting on my work out clothes and stepping outside or onto the treadmill. I have never gotten on a treadmill and not used it. Remember GI Joe's saying "knowing is half the battle" I feel like for me getting dressed is half the battle. If I can just mentally get myself in the game I will work out.

Just a note the vegan thing is going great. I cheated Monday at lunch and had wild caught alaskan salmon added to my salad I don't feel bad about that at all.     

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