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Not Winning "Funniest Blog Submission" This Week

Posted by mekani on Mar 4, 2010 4:52:54 PM

Hey guys...tough week here in San Diego.   This past weekend a local 17 year old girl went on a trail run in broad daylight and was raped and killed by a registered sex offender a half mile from her car.   Kind of tough to get out and run by yourself with that fresh in your mind.   I just want to take this opportunity to remind all of you to please be safe.  Walk/run with a friend if you can, take your cell phone with you, let folks know where you're going and when you expect to be back.  I run/walk with my keys in my hand to use as a weapon if I need to.  Keep aware of your surroundings if you're like me and run with an iPod on.  Don't have it so loud where you block out who and what is around you.   Okay, enough of me being your mom.  Let's be safe out there.


Whew.  Shake it off.


So, with that in my mind, I still have gotten out and done my workouts but have also supplemented with workout DVDs.  Did a little Tae bo (oh! old school!), a little "The Firm".  Good stuff and keeps working out fun.  Something different all the time....perhaps I have exercise ADD?    I used to paddle with an outrigger canoe team but took the last year off to deal with stuff and am now wanting to get back to it.  Every chance I get, it rains.  Shouldn't be a big deal but the water from where we put our boats in the water gets really polluted from the storm drains every time it rains and it's not something you want to fool with if you can help it.  So, fingers crossed for no rain, I'm hoping to get out with my old team on Saturday and paddle.  I'll let you know how it goes.    When I was paddling with them, my husband and I ended the season with a trip to Hawaii and paddled an 18 mile race.  That 's what I think about when exercise gets tough, boring, etc.  "You paddled 18 miles before, you can get through this."


My diet this week has been much improved.  I've totally skipped my 2:30 candy break.  I've brought oranges to eat instead, I've eaten my lunch later to put off that 2:30 hunger.  It's worked.  My other Danger Zone (no TopGun music please) is evenings.   I tend to graze at night so I've tried to be more concious of that and have a Skinny Cow ice cream after dinner and leave it at that.


Sorry for the ramblings guys...I'll be in a much sunnier place next week, promise!

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