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Big Victories come in small packages

Posted by ICURNpope on Mar 5, 2010 3:25:22 AM

I chose this blog title because one of my goals for pursuing running is to be a great example to my children. They are not as active as I was a child, playing outdoors, riding bikes and such. Now they'd sit on a computer all day if they had the chance. Since I've started training, my youngest has caught on to the idea and wants to run with me!! I'm so thrilled that he is seeing how important it is to me and that he is taking initiative to be more active as well! His personal goal is to speed walk on our treadmill for 20 min every day!  I also visited a new 24 Hour Fitness that just opened in Issaquah, WA. I found out that he can get gynm membership when he turns 12. I don't think he ever thought about going to the gym. That was always something that mommy did. He was so excited at that idea!


As far as training this week, I've worked quite a few graveyard shifts and have been utterly exhausted. I ran on Monday, and then again today (Thursday). I'm going to try a new strategy and workout when I get home at 8am. I'm hoping that will give me more energy to stay awake for a bit longer so I can get through the homeschooling lessons with my son. I'll let you know how that goes. I've had to be very creative with my time to manage this crazy schedule, but it's all so important to me. In the past, exercise would've been the first to go. But now it's a priority in my week! Running is my way of loving myself! (Even though the motivation can be hard some days!!)


Keep Active. Love yourself. Inspire others!

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