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With ease.

Posted by ilived Mar 9, 2010

It sure seems as is my workouts get easier as lose the weight but I know I am sure feeling it right now.   I guess a combination of yard work, honey-do's and pushing a double stroller on my walks will catch up sometimes.  I feel great though!  The soreness is a good soreness.  It is still hard to get a full nights rest with my 2 year old and 9 month old.  But I will make it.  It is so funny to hear people to me how I need to try some "fad" diet or take some fat pill to help me lose my weight.  I just have to laugh and tell them
"no thanks", I got it.  When I tell them how I am doing it they back off and say it is too much work.  Whatever, no more diet sodas. no more fried food, no more white flour  and sweets plus some good old fashioned exercise.  I had gotten so complacent and lazy with my unhealthy lifestyle that it was easy for the fat denial to set in with no problem.  No more!  50+ lbs off in the last year and I refuse to go back. Good night all.

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Back at it again!!

Posted by Shana99 Mar 9, 2010

Back to the gym.  Last week I suffered from a horrible sinus infection.  A visit to the doctor and twp prescriptions later; I feel back to normal.  Last night it was raining, so I did my running at the gym.  I love to people watch and the Gym is a great place to do so.  On one side of me I have a woman on the tread mill at a level on 2.1 (walking speed) and she is chit chatting on the phone.  Really??  If she hung up the phone and upped her speed on the treadmill, she could get so much more accomplished!!!  I also love the guy on the other side of me who cranks his treadmill to speed 10 and kills himself running for literally 45 seconds.  He then slows the treadmill back down to a 3.2.  While at speed 3.2 he is leaning over the treadmill to regain his skin color (it is white after the hard run), and catch his breath.  He is at this speed for about 4 minutes then cranks the treadmill back up to level 10 and runs so fast he is about to die again for 45 seconds and repeats this process.  This is not the first time I've seen someone almost pass out on the treadmill from this crazy exercise.  I also love the people who wear three layers of sweats and workout really hard.  I'm guessing they want to shed water weight, but the funny thing is all of the people are very overweight and water weight is not going to do much good.  Now, I do have to tell everyone, I'm no fitness expert.  Maybe there are benefits to talking on the phone while walking at a slow pace, killing yourself by running at speed 10 for 45 seconds or wearing 3 layers of clothes.  Never a dull moment at the gym.


Recipe for the Week:


Craving Fettuccine Alfredo??  Well, this is a AWESOME recipe that you can make in the microwave,  I make it about once a week using a variety of foods.


Fettuccine Alfredo:

In a microwave safe bowl combine one wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese and 1 tablespoon of low fat sour cream.  Nuke for 20 seconds stir and add 1 teaspoon of grated Parmesan cheese.  Mix in about 2 ounce of whole grain pasta (cooked).  Dinner is served. This makes one portion.  I double the recipe for my hubby. Also you can serve over Gnocchi, Yummy.  I also like to add chopped ham and broccoli to make a more heartier meal.  

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Greetings WWTGA Teams!  Week three and the effects of all your efforts are really paying off!


Jason, congratulations on your 20 pounds lost (big hug)...and thank you for sharing your insightful words with all of us.

"Take a second and admire the world around you and be thankful you are  still here.  Make it a habit, day after day, year after year."


Kim, nice work losing 6 pounds!  I love that you're walking with your daughter and spreading the love.  She will remember these times with you...


Elizabeth, nice job getting out on the trails last week.  Believe it or not, it WILL help you mentally for your big camp trip this weekend.  Remember to make friends with the hills going up (slow the pace, shorter steps) and enjoy the downhill's.  Making it a social experience is a fantastic way to get out there and multitask too.  Enjoy the trip and please post a few pictures so we can live vicariously through you!


Matthew, even the lightest of workouts still counts!  Good for you for getting out on the ice.  Cross-training activities that you enjoy make a significant contribution to keeping the momentum to move!  It helps balance the harder efforts of your training with easier paced activities to allow your body time to adapt, but keep moving and burning calories.  If the blisters are still painful this week, consider riding a bike (inside or out) until you can get back to running.  It will keep you on track without causing aches and pains if you ran through the blisters.


Ruth, I love your words 'when  momma's happy, everyone's happy!' Congratulations on your 8 pound loss!  That is a significant amount of weight in only a few weeks!  Weight loss for life happens over time and by making the great lifestyle changes you are making!  Keep it up!


Gwen, way to be a role model for your kids and continue to modify your program to fit your life schedule.  The most challenging part is finding the time to get it all in and you're doing a great job of making YOU a priority!  Nicely done mom!


Megan, love this change..."I've totally skipped my 2:30 candy break.  I've brought oranges to eat  instead, I've eaten my lunch later to put off that 2:30 hunger."  It's small changes like this that end up making a huge difference down the road. I love Skinny Cow's at night too!  It's a nice way to have something sweet, but not too much:)  Enjoy your paddle this weekend - fabulous way to get back to the activities you love!  Well done!


Great words to live by Farel.  Thank you so much for sharing your  expertise with the teams!



Time Management

In my youthful professional days I was in the corporate fitness industry and ran a center for Dean Witter, Discover Card.  It was a fun job because everyone was always happy to be away from their desks and moving.  One of my challenges was working around the number one obstacle for activity - LACK OF TIME.  It is a universal challenge that seems to be growing more so with all of life's distractions.  Three tips that seemed to really help break through the time barriers were;


  1. Plan for it as if it were a professional obligation.  For some reason, we will work ourselves for hours on end without a break and save the rest for ourselves.  Plan your activity as if it were a project allows you to see it as a "To Do" list item.  Make it an "A" and think of it like brushing your teeth; a must do activity for the day.
  2. Less is still more.  Forest Gump had it right when he said " Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're gonna get."  There are days when everything works like clockwork and you get in activity and it feels great.  But there are also days when you barely have time to breath.  Get in what you can on the challenging days, because everything counts.  Even if you only get in a short 10 minute walk with the dog.  It will still keep the momentum flowing, get your circulation moving and boost your metabolism.  The next time you have a trying day, cut it short but keep it moving.  I like to wear a pedometer during the day to monitor the number of steps I take.  Even though I hike and run and cycle...I still sit and write most of the day (which doesn't burn many calories).  The goal is to walk 10,000 steps every day and wearing a pedometer while you make your way through the day reminds me of the opportunities to move; parking at the end of the lot, taking stairs, and walking the terminals at the airport.  It all adds up and feels good at the end of the day!
  3. Make it convenient.  If you have healthy food choices in your lunch bag, the likelihood of eating them is very good.  If your training session is in a convenient location, the likelihood of getting it done is very strong.  Make the changes within your reach, so when you do hit a rough spot, it's always right there. 
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Posted by epeaslee Mar 9, 2010

Oh I went hiking after work yesterday with my best friend. 4.5 miles in about 90 minutes. I went on a different trail then I usually use and it had a lot more uphill parts and down hill parts so both the front and back of my legs are super tired. I'm glad I went because it was beautiful and peaceful and I saw 2 deer and the trail was around a lake. I'm probably goping to do it again Wednesday. Then this weekend is my big back packing trip. I am very nervous I got a trail map of where we are going. Imaging a big V with a little v next to the top of it. That is its grade or slope. So at the beging it is all down hill and then it cuts very sharply up hill at the top of this will be our camp. Then in the morning on our hike out will will go down than up a little so not too much gradiant change. My thinking is if I went hiking yesterday and was super sore how much worse is it going to be with a stupid 20 pound pack on going on a maximum 30%/50LF grade . Ugh seriously just ugh.


On a happier note I am under 160 pounds for the first time in like 7 months!!! I'm hoping to be 150 by race day totally do able if I lose 2 pounds a week. 


*Accountability I had egg drop soup this weekend very unvegan and I had a little honey mustard last night because I didn't know it was made with mayonaise until after I ate some of it.

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Hi Team Members, I am Farel Hruska, the National Fitness Director for Stroller Strides, guest Active blogger and a mom of 3 girls. I was asked to post on this week's theme of finding time to workout because, for everyone on this team, this can be one of the biggest hurdles! The best advice I can give you is to change your mindset from IF I will workout today to WHEN I will workout today. Your time to train needs to be treated as an appointment you would not break. Think of it as a very important person who has scheduled a meeting with you and you wouldn't dream of cancelling on them. YOU have to be that important! I am fully aware that when you haven't been active before, it is tough to suddenly change your way of will be a day to day transition but stay focused. For my fellow moms on the Bye Bye Baby Weight Team, your commitment to your workouts is especially important. The main reason is for your sanity! Be a little "selfish" and treat the body that created your amazing children with care and love. Most of your day is spent caring for them but when did you put a fraction of the attention you give your children to yourself? If it changes your focus, think about how working out is for your kids...they get a more patient, relaxed and happier mom when you care for yourself!


Stay focused and driven, Active Teams! I am virtually cheering you on! If you ever want to email me directly, feel free:


-Farel Hruska


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