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With ease.

Posted by ilived on Mar 9, 2010 8:39:50 PM

It sure seems as is my workouts get easier as lose the weight but I know I am sure feeling it right now.   I guess a combination of yard work, honey-do's and pushing a double stroller on my walks will catch up sometimes.  I feel great though!  The soreness is a good soreness.  It is still hard to get a full nights rest with my 2 year old and 9 month old.  But I will make it.  It is so funny to hear people to me how I need to try some "fad" diet or take some fat pill to help me lose my weight.  I just have to laugh and tell them
"no thanks", I got it.  When I tell them how I am doing it they back off and say it is too much work.  Whatever, no more diet sodas. no more fried food, no more white flour  and sweets plus some good old fashioned exercise.  I had gotten so complacent and lazy with my unhealthy lifestyle that it was easy for the fat denial to set in with no problem.  No more!  50+ lbs off in the last year and I refuse to go back. Good night all.

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