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Posted by ilived on Mar 11, 2010 5:48:12 AM

Lately I have strayed away from my true reason for wanting to get in shape, my family.  Yesterday was a fun reminder of just why I have to stay active and non-complacent.  I took my boys down to the park in the morning and that was fun.  And then in the afternoon we took a walk down to the soccer fields so that my two year old kick his soccer ball around. He had a blast!  And for the first time I could go back and forth, up and down the field with greater ease.  I was pushing my 9 month old around in the BOB and the laughter was flowing though the air.  My reminder of how important it is to get fit so that I can do those types of things. I had gotten caught up in the,"  I got to look good!"  thought process.  That will come along in good time if I keep on keeping on.  My wife and children are going to love me no matter what way I look and the people who truly care aren't going to mind if I don't have a chiseled chest.  It' Jason who has to be happy in his skin and remember what really counts.  Have a great day all!

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