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New Motivations

Posted by Shana99 on Mar 12, 2010 2:28:12 PM

1st Wonderful Motivation:

The weather is so beautiful here and should be this way all weekend.  Can't wait to get outside: run, do yard work (or watch my hubby do the work), and jump on our new trampoline with my little boy.


2nd Wonderful Motivation:

Yesterday after a very stressful day of potty training.  I left headed to Target for some shopping and found some cute shorts.  I tried on the size 6, yes size 6 and they were loose.  What a great feeling!!!


3rd Wonderful Motivation:

Las Vegas!! The day after our run, my hubby and I along with some friends are headed to Vegas.  I've never been and can't wait.  We found some great deals that we just couldn't pass up.  Any suggestions on Restaurants, Shows and Spas???


Have a great weekend--Hope your weathers is as good as ours!!! 

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