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The week that was...

Posted by mekani on Mar 13, 2010 7:45:03 PM

Whoa!  Where did the week go!  Holy smokes I can't believe the week got by without an update!  So sorry guys!  This past weekend I got out on the water with my old outrigger canoe club and paddled for a couple of hours.  See how that sounds so easy and breezy? "Paddled for a couple of hours".  I really should write more truthfully.  We paddled for a couple of H-O-U-R-S!   Bear in mind, I haven't been in a canoe for almost a year so those muscles that used to be so toned and could paddle up to 20 miles and for 4 hours at a shot, well, they're shot.  As soon as I got out of the boat, I was sore.  And it's not your arms (if you're doing it right).  It's your back, it's your legs, it's your butt.   My first thought was, oh dear God.  If I'm sore NOW???  What are the next two days going to be like?  Bad. Very, very bad.  My poor husband could tell if I was coming upstairs.  Step-OW!-step-OW!   But pain aside, it was great to be on the water and I still have a good stroke and haven't lost my skills completely.  That muscle memory is a wonderful thing.


I couldn't get back out on the water during the week because of work issues but I did go to the treadmill at work and put in my time/miles.  I'm happy for the time change tomorrow so it will be lighter in the morning and lighter after work so, more opportunities to work out. Well, I should say, less excuses to NOT workout.  Tomorrow I'm lucky enough to hook up with some local folks and our friend Michelle Valenti for a little workout tomorrow at the Bay, I'm looking forward to it and I'll tell you all about it.  I'll bring my camera and try and post some pix for you all to enjoy!  Have a great week everyone!

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