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5am workouts?! Say it isn't so!

Posted by taylorsmom2010 on Mar 14, 2010 11:38:03 PM

Well, I've found the time to exercise & eat right - now I just have to make the time to blog! I have started this a million times over the past week & never finished - so here I am determined to finish this one!


Although I haven't been writing much - I've definitely been reading everyone's posts & I have been learning so much! The BEST thing I've read so far is that if you make time for exercise, everything else will just fall into place! That is soo true! I HATED to finally admit this, but for me - sometimes the only  way to get everything done in the day is to workout at 5am!! I know I'm worth it and I just have to make the time for myself. And Hey - it feels SO great to be DONE by 6am & home ready to see my little guy wake up. PLUS it doesn't hurt that my husband keeps telling me how impressed he is with my determination!


The second lightbulb was realizing excersize is not how - but when? Making that mental switch has made all the difference! If I sleep in later, than I WILL make time at some point during the day to just do it - no excuses. AND if I happen to have an off week - I will not throw in the towel, this is a lifestyle! I'll just start back up asap. Thats where I've gotten into trouble in the past & I just cant let it happen again!


I haven't lost too much weight yet- 2 lbs so far. BUT Ihave lost an inch off my waist - yippee!! I read somewhere that running builds muscle very quickly, so it might not seem like youre losing weight right away. Does anyone know if that's true??


PS I'm LOVING running! Its oddly addicting. I ran 8 miles on Saturday pushing my son the whole way! A couple things that have helped motivate me: I bought a jogging stroller that Im in love with! (The best accessory - forget purses!) I updated the songs on my ipod (a new playlist is always exciting!), I went to a discount store & bought some really cute inexpensive workout pants/tops (so I gotta get out there & show off my new wardrobe!) & I have been posting motivational quotes on my fridge!The point is not to go spend a whole lot of money - but to find the little things to make exercising a bit more exciting & to treat yourself a bit for all your hard work!

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