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Mixed Weekend

Posted by epeaslee on Mar 15, 2010 6:25:36 AM

     I didn't go on my backpacking trip this weekend The person I was going with totally backed out so lame. From now on I am doing stuff by myself so I don't have to rely on anyone. I should mention that the person is my daughter's father so when he comes to see her on the weekend I have to be there. I think from now on he will be seeing her when it is convienant for me, or not I'm venting out of frustration. In place of that I went hiking on Kennesaw Mountain. I wanted to do the complete 16 mile loop or at least go as far as I could. I took him with me and he wanted to stop before I did so I only did a 5.4 mile loop. It was very difficult though. It took me 2 hours just to do that. I was walking like I did when I was 9 months pregnant tiny tiny tiny steps at a really slow pace. When I got back to the car my legs were tingling and shaking as the they got their circulation back, which made me oddly joyful. I've lost 10 pounds and I'm feeling great about that. To reward myself I got my hair done Thursday night and I love it. Last week I brought dumbells to my job so I can exercise during my luch break. This is a stroke of genius because I keep them in the cornor of my desk and people ask me about them and I would feel like a huge fraud if I wasn't using them. I've made plans to Hike Amicola Falls the next 2 Sundays so that should be great and challenging. I bought myserlf a $50 State Park Pass as a sign of my commitment to hiking it felt good and I know its silly, but I feel awesome when I see it hanging in my car for all to see.

     The vegan thing is still going really with one small exception thin mint Girl Scout Cookies. I was eating vegan sushi with my brother and sis and telling them how great everything is going. Then I mentioned the only sweet I eat is one thin mint every night after dinner, its only 40 calories. My brother asks did you make the cookies and I said no they were Girl Scout Cookies. My brother smirks and says uh milk chocolate... he finds this so hilarious that he immediatly tweets everyone and tells them of my stupidity. Nice bro LOL. Needless to say I gave the remainder of the cookies to my sister.      

     I've been reading everyone's blog postings and I just wanted to say everyone is doing great and I'm very excited for all of us!

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