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Keeping at it!!

Posted by softballmom41 on Mar 19, 2010 10:35:53 PM

Congrats to all the winners!  It's always a nice motivation to have a little extra incentive!!  Well, this week has been a good one, I'm getting all of my workouts in, and it's feeling like a normal part of my daily routine.  My husband and daughter's are really keeping me in check. I feel loved and supported!  I have to say that my 10 year old daughter is pretty funny... She asked me the other night if I got my walking in and I told her, yes!  I told her "remember I get my 'orders' from my email and they let me know how long and at what rate,  she said yes, but don't you want to do more?  Geez, I'm doing good to just do what is required, and she wants more from me!! She told me she is going to make me a chart so she'll be able to keep track.  She was explaining to me how she  was going to chart my progress and set up the days of workouts!  I might have a 'trainer' in the making!  Se loves sports and is very athletic!

Today, my husband & I took our 3 year old to San Diego's Wild Animal Park.  We have passes and she LOVES going there. It was fun just us three, while the other two were at school!  OH, those hills....  I have to say that I got around much better , it was still a bit challenging, but it felt good to feel like I could walk up those hills without having to stop! That was a good workout in itself!  I still haven't been sleeping well, and I think that is what's causing me to feel like I need to 'graze' throughout the day. The last two days have been quite emotionally draining for me, as I deal with some big family issues with siblings and my parents. But I feel in control this time, and am not going to sabotage my diet and ruin what I've worked so hard at.  No more emotional eating!  I've got to think about me and be 'selfish' in a good way. I am getting excited for the upcoming race.  I hope we all stick with it, and keep going strong!  Just like I tell my softball team (we are the Warriors),  fight for what you want and don't ever give up or quit!  So, I say to 'US' fight like a Warrior, especially through the tough times. STAND UP, STAND OUT, and STAND STRONG!!


Have a great weekend-  Ruth 

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