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First day of Spring

Posted by ICURNpope Mar 20, 2010

In 5 minutes, it will officially be Spring!!! Bring it on baby!!

I'm blogging from work since I have some down time and want to take advantage of it. It's 11:55pm on Friday and the forcast for tomorrow is warm (65-70 degrees), clear skies and beautiful. When the sunshines in the Seattle area, you can't help but be outside enjoying it to the fullest!  After taking a quick nap in the morning, I'm going to gather my family and dogs to head out to Marymoor park. The park in Redmond has 40 acres of off-leash dog park along the Sammamish River and Lake that it drains into. There's a bird sanctuary also to enjoy. It's a great place to go running or go for a stroll with your "best friend". I love going there and plan on taking advantage of the great weather to exercise and celebrate the first day of spring!


It has been a great week for me. Though I've gained back some weight, I know I will loose it. And with the arrival of spring and warmer weather, I want to look great wearing less layers!! My challenge is eating when there is little in the way of a routine for me  due to my work hours. I'm a home health nurse. Since it's at night, and I have down time frequently, I've lately chosen foods that are carb heavy (in addition to Starbucks Doubleshots to keep me awake). I find that I crave carbs more when I'm tired, and since my schedule isn't going to change much, I need a plan. I bring carrots and other veggies to snack on but just can't bring myself to eat them at work. Tonight I have a footlong subway with Turkey and Ham. I've eaten half of it and am saving the rest for later. Now that I think of it, I probably need to eat more protein to sustain me during the night. Lowfat protein choices, anyone? One's that are quick to prepare?


One more month until our event! We can DO THIS!

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