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Momentum = Motivation

Posted by Coach Jenny Hadfield on Mar 22, 2010 3:17:45 PM

Greetings Who Wants to Get Active Teams!  Happy Spring!  The greatest gift of getting active is the scenery along the way.  By week five (this week), you should be able to review your log and see the difference from where you started.  You may be able to go farther or faster and for sure it is easier.  You may notice your energy level is improved or that you're sleeping better.  Many of you have lost a significant amount of weight.  Losing weight is an easy way to improve your speed!  The scenery, or the signs along the road are great motivational tools to keep the momentum flowing and stoke the fire of your new active life.  Here are a few other motivational strategies to keep moving...


  • Mix and match - now that you're on a roll, try a new activity.  Take a yoga class, use the Wii EA Sports Active with the kids or hike a new trail over the weekend.  Being active means you can explore the world more actively and see it live versus behind a window.  Get out there and explore your options with your own two feet!


  • Stay in tune with your teammates and connect with others who have successfully changed their lives.  Studies have shown that you are who you hang with and being around other like-minded individuals can inspire you to live a healthy, active life.     Think of it as relocating.  If you moved to another city, you would have to make the transition into a new culture and learn where the store is, how to get around and meet new people.  You are relocating your life from being inactive to an active, vital city.   Life change is all about changing the scenery around you so you can have an easier time at living an active, healthy life. 


  • Draw a line on the road 1.5-2 miles from your house.  As you train, you'll get closer and closer to reaching that line and once you do celebrate your success.  Reaching mini goals along the way keeps the motivation flying high and your mind actively focused on the next step.


  • Watch a motivating movie!  When my motivation is running low, I dust off my favorites (Rudy, Breaking Away, Spirit of the Marathon) and find myself refueled with fire by the end.  I know I'm dating myself with my first two choices, but if it still works, why fix it!


  • Commit to a weekly session with a buddy, neighbor, or spouse and take in a few miles while multitasking and getting in some social time.  Studies have shown walkers and runners go farther and sometimes faster when in a group, versus on their own.


  • Go easy on yourself.  Motivation ebbs and flows and it is wise to be your own best friend.  If you have a low motivation day, give yourself a day off.  Once you gain the momentum after 3-5 weeks, it gets easier to keep it flowing and you can afford to take a day to refuel your spirit.  If it lasts longer than a few days, watch that movie and re-connect with why you are doing this.  Think about how good you feel when you are active and eating well - and then strap on your shoes and commit to a short 10-15 minute walk or run.  A short workout will boost your self confidence and keep the fire burning.


Give yourself a big pat on the back this week for your efforts and set your sights on the next month.  It's only going to get better...


Happy Trails,


Coach Jenny Hadfield

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