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Found the SECRET to WEIGHTLOSS... :)

Posted by Roxychic87 on Mar 23, 2010 10:32:57 AM

Hello everyone,


Last week, I was so depressed with my weight gain. I wanted to go on diet pills because I was working out a lot. This past week I did something different. I finally found the key to weight loss. It does not include pills, dieting, or exercising. (Dieting and exercise are still very important) but it is all about SLEEP. Seriously, I know some of you think I am crazy but it is true. You still need to sleep, exercise, and diet BUT sleeping is something I did not think about. Michelle gave me a great article last week about sleeping. I am trying to aim for at least 8 hours a sleep a night.  I was gaining week last week cause I was only sleeping about 4-6 hours a night. As a full time college student and working full time it is the only time I have to work out is 5am. I decided this week to rest more. It made a HUGE difference. Ohhh and this week when I weighed myself, I lost 1.2 pounds.   Yayayayya.


This past week I decided to take my workouts outside. Can I please say something the treadmill is NOTHING compared to running outside. I was breathing so heavy outside and I started to get a cramp on my side. I could NOT handle it at all! I did eventually take my butt back to the gym BUT I went back today to run outside. I had support from my friend (thank goodness). Running outside (we actually decided to run up hill); it was not so steep but really got me good. My advice is to take the workout outside. I am going to try to start working out more outside cause it is way harder and I know I am burning more fat. I only ran for twenty minutes (with a break at the top of the hill) and I was dying. I was breathing so heavy. Is there anything to do about breathing heavy? Do you think if I lose weight it will help me or just working out and trying to get in shape is good? I am not too sure. Thanks everyone for your help!!!!


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