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Trying to stay focused

Posted by walkinginthelight on Mar 25, 2010 3:02:45 PM

This has not been a good  week. The weather has turned cold and windy, and to top it off, my 5 year old has been  sick and had to stay home from school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We are leaving for Spring Break tomorrow, so just lots to get done, no time to do it when caring for a sick child. I found myself again, back on the treadmill (instead of outside)working out  in the evening when everyone is settled in for the night ( when I am exhausted). All I really  want to do is just go to bed myself. I just am so unmotivated to do anything after 9 o'clock at night. The last three days have been challenging to say the least. I found myself three nights in a row debating from the main floor, do I go UPSTAIRS and just go to bed, or do I go DOWNSTAIRS and get on the treadmill. Decisions decisions. I did choose to head downstairs all three nights, and can still say that I have never missed a training day. I guess that's a good sign, that I felt that "tug" to just go exercise and get it over with. I feel a certain level of commitment since I am on a "team". The "old" me would have just said "oh well, I can always work out tomorrow".

My daughter Eloise has passed her cold on to me, so I was glad today was a rest day. I am feeling miserable. With  laundry and packing, it hasn't been restful. Tomorrow we leave for North Carolina, where we will be until Easter. I'm praying for good weather, and have packed my daughters bike, so she can ride along side of while I'm training. Hoping to find some wonderful trails and much better weather. I still wonder why I live in Chicago.

I did not pack my scale, so it will be interesting when I get home to see if I have lost any more weight. It is always tough on vacation, especially when you are going out to eat. I just have to remain focused, and remember my goals. I WILL FINISH THE RACE!

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