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Posted by walkinginthelight on Mar 27, 2010 12:30:03 PM

Well we arrived safely in North Carolina, and I was so ready for the change. The weather here is AWESOME. Everything is in bloom and it is BEAUTIFUL.

I explained to my cousins that I was in this "who wants to get active" program, and that I needed them to take me to a park today, so that I could get in a 45 minute walk. While I think at first they thought I was nuts, afterall, I am on spring break, and should be in "dont do a thing, just sit around and relax" mode.

But, they were easily persuaded and I was excited that EVERYONE decided to come along! They have this FABULOUS park near their  house, and my cousin Michelle walked with me, while her husband David was with the kids watching  them ride their bikes. Their son decided today was the day he was going to learn to ride with out training wheels, after seeing his cousin Eloise ride her bike without any . After about 20 minutes of trying,  he got the hang of it! HE DID A GREAT JOB!!!  He learned to ride the big boy bike, no training wheels! WHOO HOO!!  It has been a GREAT first day of Break!

Looking forward to the rest of the week, going to new areas and staying active with everybody!

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