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Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

Posted by Coach Jenny Hadfield on Mar 29, 2010 3:31:15 PM

Greetings Who Wants to Get Active Teams!  I'm loving the energy and enthusiam in your words as well as the life changing that is going on.  You're all making me a very proud coach:)  It's funny how when you first start to get active and change your diet, it seems almost impossible but slowly, over time these changes become everyday, and the next level of changes become a little easier.  Just like Rome wasn't built in a day, losing weight takes time and you're all doing a fantastic job of being patient and making the choices that count the most toward building a new life.  Remember the key to preventing injuries is to take things in moderation and progress gradually.  This can be tricky this time of year once the weather breaks.  If you've been hibernating like I have on the treadmill, it is vital to ease into running and walking outdoors.  Treadmills are a great way to be active, however they are vaastly different than moving outdoors due to the wind resistance, harder surface, camber arch) in the roads, and the fact that you're not keeping up with the tread, but rather propeling yourself forward.  So this is a gentle reminder to transition one workout per week outside and ignore the pace for the next two weeks.  Instead go by your effort level and make sure you're running and walking at a conversational pace (one where you can still talk)! If you've been outside all season, have at it!


An effective way to assure your next training session will be stellar is to invest in a solid recovery strategy after every workout.  That is, eat a balanced snack or meal made of lean protein and complex carbohydrates within 30 minutes to replenish energy stores and repair muscle damage.  Also, incorporate stretching and foam rolling post workout to maintain functional range of motion and hydrate regulary (not crazy) throughout the day.  A few more variables to consider including in your recovery strategy is getting plenty of good-quality sleep hours (at least 7 every night) and lowering your stress level with a little down time with you and your family and friends.  The quality of your next training session relies heavily on how well you recover today.  Invest in it and you'll be a happy, more refreshed, much stronger camper...


Happy Trails,


Coach Jenny Hadfield

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