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LiFe LiFe LiFe...

Posted by Roxychic87 on Apr 1, 2010 4:29:48 PM

Hello my amazing active friends,


I just looked at my calendar today and realized we are already in April. My birthday is two months from today. This past week has been a bit crazy for me. I realized so much about myself and about others. One of my good friends who I can hang out with all the time realized suffers from depression. It is something that is common now with people because of work, school, kids, spouse (boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife), money issues, etc. It really had me thinking this past weekend.


This is the same friend that pushed me to go outside and pushed me to work hard. I did the same to him to this week (somewhat). He was not motivated nor did he want to work out. I will admit (I did not want to either). We ended up just walking around the block for a good thirty minutes talking about things, laughing at jokes, and had a good time. It was nice. I realized at that point sometimes just taking a nice stroll around the block helps ease your mind.


Especially for me, school and work is so stressful. I went on the elliptical this morning (I will admit it is my favorite machine); the stair master and I are still NOT friends. I went on and started thinking about my life, my goals, my dreams, and everything. It really helps out. I know I am just rambling on and on but with so much stress in my life just being on the elliptical (yes I was not pushing myself) but just being there for thirty minutes really eased my mind. I would have been at home instead crying and eating cup cakes.


I am doing well with my running. I am taking it slow with my knee. I am trying to stretch out as much as possible. I cannot run for a constant speed of thirty minutes. I can jog/walk for thirty minutes. I am trying to boost that up though.

My goals this week include:

*Sleeping 8 hours a night

*Lose two pounds

*Run for an extra minute before going to a slower jog speed

This week is spring break for me. (FINALLY). I thought I could use this time to catch up on studying, sleeping, grading papers, homework, etc. I feel like I am busier than ever!!!!!

Thank you everyone,


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