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Posted by epeaslee on Apr 5, 2010 6:30:08 AM

Oh I had such a nice weekend. Friday was a half day at work so I spent Friday night at Barnsley Gardens with my family. It was so nice and relaxing and fun. The best thing was I went canoeing. I had never canoed(this may or may not be a word) myself. Last time my Dad paddeled me around( I was pregnant so cut me some slack) but this time I was an active participant. I would strongly suggest this for anyone stressing out, it is so relaxing. Its a good arm work out too. The wind was blowing and we had to keep paddeling or it would blow us into reeds which scared the poor turtles who were sunning themselves. I gave myself the weekend off from my diet. I'm glad I did because when I got to my room the fairy god mother, you heard right they have a fairy god mother, left me an adorable smore kit with a note saying "Have s'more fun". Check I did that I also indulged in the free wine and cheese reception. I tried to eat a piece of chicken but it was gross, I'm really not having any problem giving up meat I don't even like it. I do like cheese, that is the hardest for me. Milk isn't a problem because I can use almond milk in my cereal and I didn't like milk to start with. Butter isn't a problem because I use Earth Balance sticks when I cook and I never buttered anything usually. Cheese is a whole other issue I LOVE it vegetarians and vegans are liars don't listen to them their "cheese" isn't even close It try to eat it and it makes me mad.


I'm hiking like every other day. I usually hike the same couple of places which is cool because I can see a big improvment in my endurance. I'm probably going again today, but I might switch it up and bike, stationary I don't know how to ride a bike or swim or skate. I'm plannning on learning how to bike and soon It wont be pretty I have no balance!


I'm not sure if I have lost any weight I usually do my weekly weigh in on Monday morning, but I'm waiting until tomorrow so I lose the wine bloat. I feel smaller and I think that should count = ) 


So two weeks to go until race day. I'm ready I feel good about it. I hope everyone else is feeling confident too!  

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