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Reduce worry, increase excitement

Posted by Gale Bernhardt on Apr 7, 2010 5:26:58 PM

All of you have been busy preparing for your upcoming event. Congratulations on doing the work it takes to be successful!


In the next few days, there will probably be items that come up for you to worry about  - it is nothing more than an item that goes on your list of problems to solve pre-race. For each “issue” that you worry about, have at least one, and maybe more than one, potential solution. Talk to each other about potential problems and solutions by posting them on this blog. 


Problem solving is part of your mental preparation. Mental prep is the icing on the cake. Prepare your mind for moments of not feeling so great. Don’t worry, everyone feels like that at one time or another. Just get yourself to the next tree, corner or aid station.


Of course the race is going to be challenging, that’s why you signed up! If you wanted something easy, you could take up competitive prone knitting or something similar.  Not you – you’re getting Active!


The last thing for you to worry about is how not to worry and have a great time. Keep pre-race neurosis at bay. In the next few weeks, don’t forget to stop all of the spinning thoughts in your mind and remember what a grand adventure all of this really is.


Most of all, I hope you can remember to enjoy moments in the next few weeks and on race day ~



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