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Am I Ready??

Posted by softballmom41 on Apr 8, 2010 11:34:44 PM

Ok guys.. are we ready?  Did we do enough?  Why do we always second guess ourselves??  Well, we are changing are lives for the better and we are all better off than we were when we started this journey!  Sorry I haven't blogged for a bit, but it's nice to be back and reading everyone's posts. I love all the continued support and encouragement!  I feel like I have been losing momentum this last week. I still feel okay about my training and I am down 12 pounds (& stuck there), but I'm pretty sure it has been emotional stress that has got me stuck!  I  have been really trying to hang in there and talk my way through those tough times. I know what I need to do to be successful.  Now that my body has changed a bit and is used to walking, I have been sleeping better and feel better throughout the days. I definitely feel the difference!  I am excited for the L.A. run/walk for water!  My husband will be participating with me and has been encouraging me along the way.  I can't believe it's almost here!  In fact, I mentioned this to Kim at one time, and thought I'd share with all of you...  My husband bought me a beautiful Brighton bracelet which says: "Celebrate small victories."  How fitting for me & my goals.  I wear it each day and remember the meaning it has for me.  We do need to celebrate those small victories because that is what leads to the big victories! We ARE worth those celebrations and we are the ones who make the choice to be victorious!  This time in our life is just a little glimpse of the big picture!  WE decide, WE act, and WE will ultimately be responsible for our achievements! Each of us has different trials and challenges to go through in life, but this will be one less for me, because I will continue to be active and make good choices for my health, which in turn can only benefit my family!  I am thankful to be a part of this program at this time in my life.  It has truly been life changing. My father continues to struggle with so many health problems, and I hope that I can change my path now to a healthier lifestyle!  Thank you Active & thank you Michelle!

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