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Thank You Rain

Posted by epeaslee on Apr 9, 2010 11:14:28 AM

Thank you rain for removing the pollen from the air so I can hike today. For those of you who have never been to Atlanta in the Spring we get a thick coating of pollen for a few weeks every year and it makes most people miserable. On behalf of the metro area I would again like to thank you rain.


I did something stupid Wednesday. I keep weights at my desk at work and I try to lift them during lunch. Well Wednesday I got very enthusiastic and in addition to my normal upper body work out I did squats and lunges with 10 pounds dumbells in each hand to the point of leg exhaustion. I hike all the time in some steep places so I thought I would be fine. NO NOT FINE I am in serious pain on the front upper part of my legs(quads right?). Not a little sore I'm talking about they hurt if I move them at all. I am so glad I didn't do this next week before the race. So Sunday or Monday I will just do a cople of reps with out weights until my body gets use to them. Irritating I think I will have to start biking once a weak to keep them stronger.


I am going hiking today because I need to get the blood in my legs flowing. I'm going on a different trail that is only 3 miles and doesn't have so many ups and downs. If the pain isn't to bad I will do the trail twice.


Vegan confession I can't live the rest of my days without cheese I am going vegetarian. Yes I'm a little ashamed, but I just feel dishonnest eating the occasional bit of cheese and calling myself vegan. I just have to remember portion control and that cheese is an occasional snack not a meal.        

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