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Posted by ilived on Apr 10, 2010 3:36:00 PM

Well, tomorrow is my half marathon.  Been going through all of the steps to prepare mentally and get all of my gear in line to head out the door at 4:45am.  I signed up for this event right when I first read about the "Who wants to get active".  I thought we just had to be willing to do a race. But, it all worked out to where the events are in back to back weekends.  I went by the schedule for active and then did extra on my long days.  The incorporation worked great!  This is my first time to have total silence here in the house due to my wife and boys went to the grocery store.  So, it's blog time.  I look forward to getting tomorrow past and on to next weekend to where I can enjoy it more. 


To all of the Teams, "Good luck" next weekend and have fun!  I have really enjoyed being a part of this event.  I have been inspired by your stories and motivated by your kind words.  Thanks to all of the Active team who put this together.  I know we still have another week on this but while I had the time to think, I wanted to say it. 

Team Walk it off rocks!  What else can I say?  This has to be a continued life style that I know works.  It has definitely made me feel better all around.  Keep on keeping on and have a great day!    

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