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Storms clear the way for Blue Skies

Posted by ICURNpope on Apr 10, 2010 4:36:38 AM

I've been absent from blogging these past couple weeks because I got swept away with the storms that life can bring us. My focus needed to be redirected from my training while I sorted a few things out, but this time I've got a life preserver. The race is only a week away and though I'm short of meeting my goals, I'm determined to push on. Because this is my health, my future, that is directly effected by my choices in diet and exercise. Let me share about a friend of mine who inspires me. She has polycystic overian disease. If you're not familiar with this syndrome, it directly affects a person's hormones and can cause significant weight issues. My friend eats a strict low carb, low sugar, low everything diet, and works out for two hours, 6 days a week, just to maintain her weight. She can get discouraged when she doesn't see results, though she is so extremely disciplined about her health. In the few years I've know her though, she has fought to continue a healthy lifestyle, despite hormone irregularities, surgeries, and other health complications. I could only hope to have an ounce of the discipline she has to make the choices to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. I'm weak, and I bet there are many others, who like me, struggle with personal discipline. Participating in "Who Wants to Get Active 2010" has given me a reason to keep fighting. It has given me motivation, inspiration and determination. It has helped me, when I've felt like giving up, to come out the otherside a fighter.


Today, I'm still in the fight and yesterday's storms are past. Forcast is for Blue skies and I will come out a winner! We all are winners when we don't give up and continue to fight the fight. I've been reading the blogs of my fellow participants and know this to be true. We've all come from various life situations, whether in college, a young mom, or a person trying to re-invent themself. Goals are being met and the finish line is at hand, at least for this part of our life journey. What we do with this determination to "Get Active", will ultimately play out in the next several months as we continue to stay active, meet new goals and find new and exciting ways to enjoy the person we are becoming. Only a week away for the race, but really we have a lifetime ahead of us to look forward to!

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