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To Infinity and Beyond...

Posted by Coach Jenny Hadfield on Apr 11, 2010 4:21:11 PM

Here we go folks!  Race week is here and you're going to do great!  This is the perfect time to take a look back at how far you've all come.  For some, the journey may have gone much better than planned, for others it may be less than expected, but the important thing to keep in mind, is that taking the step to change is what matters most.  I want to thank you all for sharing your deepest moments along the way.  I believe that keeps the fire burning in all of us.  I've laughed, cried and learned along the way and it's been a pleasure to be on this adventure with you.


Be gentle with yourself this week.  If this is your first race, keep in mind it is normal to be nervous.  I can still remember the eve of my first 5K.  I had a nightmare I got lost in a Macy's store and couldn't find my way back to the race (there was a great sale going on though, so I had that going for me:).  If you get nervous, review your log and rememeber a strong walk or run you've done.  Connect with how empowered you felt during and after and carry that in your pocket on race day.  You can do this, and you will!  Just remember to capture the moments along the way and celebrate your success.  It's one of many memorable moments to come...


It's also a great idea to think ahead and plan your next event.  It could be a cycling event, another race 5K or 10K or even setting up a mileage challenge with your co-workers or family.  Having another carrot to look forward to post race will keep the fire burning and the energy and motivation flowing.


Give yourself a few days to recover post-race, especially if you push yourself hard.  This can be in the form of total recovery or active rest (cross-training).  Either way, you've been on a regimented program for eight weeks and taking a few days to enjoy other activities is a fun way to cut loose and celebrate your active lifestyle.


The finish line may be the end of this program, but it is the beginning of a whole new active life.


Happy Trails,


Coach Jenny

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