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Lovin' my new orthotics

Posted by walkinginthelight on Apr 12, 2010 5:14:11 PM

My feet had been bothering me. Very sore feet, and really, my left ankle was really troubling me!  So I made an appointment with a chiropractor about 3 weeks ago. The doctor looked at my feet, and examined the way I "stood", and then took a foot scan.  A very painless process, you just stand on this glass scanner (much like the same kind of scanner that’s hooked up to a computer /printer), and it scans the bottom of your foot, and puts the image up on the computer screen.


Seems that I "pronate" (or maybe it’s "over-pronate?") Bottom line is that my feet cave to the inside. I think he actually said “collapse”.


The scan of my feet was interesting to see. The doctor put “my” foot scan next to a "normal" foot scan to point out the difference.  In a "normal" foot, there should be a “kidney bean” shape up by the ball of the foot, and a round circular shape at the heel of the foot. Two distinct shapes. Well, my “kidney bean" was connected to my "round circle” which is not a good thing. It looked like one big “blob”


He recommended I order a good pair of orthotics. They slip into your shoes, and it lifts up my non-existent arch. It will help take the pressure off of my ankles, and help my foot get in better alignment with my leg. Seems the tendons in my legs have been working overtime trying to hold the ankle in place, and just can’t hold up to the task anymore. While he suggested some “at home” exercises to try, along with ice and rest...... I explained that I had this Run for Water coming up….. He assured me I would be just fine, and that the orthotics would make a big difference. He actually showed me a special “athletic orthotic”, which I didn’t even know existed. It has lots of tiny holes in it, so that there is air movement / ventilation, and they stay dryer.  So that’s what I ordered.


We’ll after walking around in them now for a few days, and I can tell a noticeable improvement. At first, it felt like I had marbles in my shoes that I was walking on, but now my feet must have somewhat adjusted, and they are becoming quite comfortable. The pressure is off my left ankle now, because it’s  being lifted  up , and back into position. Looking forward to wearing them the rest of the week, and hope they make a big difference for Sunday!!

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