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Posted by epeaslee on Apr 13, 2010 11:34:43 AM

I am so ready I just want to race I wish it was right now. I feel so impatient. I hate waiting for things.

Training and diet are all going good. I used the random program on my treadmill and I set it higher than usual. The program made me run at a 4 incline at 4.5 mph I did it and I was so shocked. I really suprised myself. The pollen is alot less this week so I am hiking Wednesday and Thursday. I'm not doing anything on Friday and Saturday so I will be race ready. I've signed up to take yoga classes which is cool. I'm lazy with my streching. My goal is to go twice a week to the begginer class for a month and then I'm going to try out the intermediate class. I have zero sports skills, but I'm fairly flexible so yoga is a confidence booster.  My next goal after yoga is to do ab work. I just wont from some reason even before I got pregnant and I was working out like a crazy person I just would not do ab work. It's not even that hard, I just don't, I've got a weird mental block. 

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