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Managing my life

Posted by LettyPileski Mar 1, 2010

I have a LIST of important things going on in my life... continuously. To name a few they are.... me and my family, current jobs and future jobs. I have three part-time jobs now and two big projects coming-up this summer. The next 5 months are going to be crazy busy and hectic. I mention all things because too many times I have allowed all those things to control my life. Week two is ahead and I am ready to take on the ACTIVE challenge. My goal is to prioritize starting with me and my health. Without that, my health, I can not accomplish the tasks ahead. I am looking forward to being healthy, following the training program eating right and sleeping right. If I can get all that done successfully, I can accomplish my other goals. Thank you community for holding me accountable to me. Letty

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I have support

Posted by LettyPileski Feb 23, 2010

I love this! I managed to recruit three people to be Active with me, my friend Paulina, my husband Jody and my brother Daniel. Knowing that they are doing the activities with me makes me feel even more inspired. Last night my husband and I went for our 20 minute run together. It felt good. I fear that that will be an isolated incident as our schedules are so very different and we have a three year old son. None the less... I have support. Day one done Letty

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On April 15th 2009 I weighed almost 200 pounds, 196 to be exact. Determined to get back to a healthy weight and get back to being fit, I worked hard with a trainer to loose 30 pounds. I went to the gym three to five times a week and calculated all the foods I ate EVERYDAY. It was hard work but it did pay off.


I no longer work with a personal trainer but in two months, October and November, I did loose another 10 pounds on my own. Working without someone to guide me has been challenging. I lack the skills a professional has to offer. I also have to sadly admit that I gained 14 pounds over the Holidays


Still 25 pounds away from my goal I now need a little spark to be re-energized and I definitely need professionals. After ten months of hard work, my routine is exactly that, a routine. Training has become stale or non-existent. For the past two months, I have found myself discouraged to get to the gym as the gym I go to is over-crowded and the classes I like taking are usually full.


Most people talk about starting to lose weight, but I want to focus on finishing losing weight.  I have been successful so far, but have hit a wall. I need help to finish what I started ten months ago.


I intend to utilize this opportunity as a way to reach my health goals and to be re-energized in continuing a healthy lifestyle. I hope to learn from professionals and from my peers on how to carry-out a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain for the rest of my life.


Training and running is exactly what I need to get that last push, to loose weight and become better fit.


Most importantly, I hope to meet professionals and people that are invested in creating a healthy lifestyle. I hope that through those contacts I might finally meet people that have similar goals and together we can be encouraging to one another.

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