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Who Wants to Get Active? 2010

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Posted by epeaslee Apr 13, 2010

I am so ready I just want to race I wish it was right now. I feel so impatient. I hate waiting for things.

Training and diet are all going good. I used the random program on my treadmill and I set it higher than usual. The program made me run at a 4 incline at 4.5 mph I did it and I was so shocked. I really suprised myself. The pollen is alot less this week so I am hiking Wednesday and Thursday. I'm not doing anything on Friday and Saturday so I will be race ready. I've signed up to take yoga classes which is cool. I'm lazy with my streching. My goal is to go twice a week to the begginer class for a month and then I'm going to try out the intermediate class. I have zero sports skills, but I'm fairly flexible so yoga is a confidence booster.  My next goal after yoga is to do ab work. I just wont from some reason even before I got pregnant and I was working out like a crazy person I just would not do ab work. It's not even that hard, I just don't, I've got a weird mental block. 

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Thank You Rain

Posted by epeaslee Apr 9, 2010

Thank you rain for removing the pollen from the air so I can hike today. For those of you who have never been to Atlanta in the Spring we get a thick coating of pollen for a few weeks every year and it makes most people miserable. On behalf of the metro area I would again like to thank you rain.


I did something stupid Wednesday. I keep weights at my desk at work and I try to lift them during lunch. Well Wednesday I got very enthusiastic and in addition to my normal upper body work out I did squats and lunges with 10 pounds dumbells in each hand to the point of leg exhaustion. I hike all the time in some steep places so I thought I would be fine. NO NOT FINE I am in serious pain on the front upper part of my legs(quads right?). Not a little sore I'm talking about they hurt if I move them at all. I am so glad I didn't do this next week before the race. So Sunday or Monday I will just do a cople of reps with out weights until my body gets use to them. Irritating I think I will have to start biking once a weak to keep them stronger.


I am going hiking today because I need to get the blood in my legs flowing. I'm going on a different trail that is only 3 miles and doesn't have so many ups and downs. If the pain isn't to bad I will do the trail twice.


Vegan confession I can't live the rest of my days without cheese I am going vegetarian. Yes I'm a little ashamed, but I just feel dishonnest eating the occasional bit of cheese and calling myself vegan. I just have to remember portion control and that cheese is an occasional snack not a meal.        

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Posted by epeaslee Apr 5, 2010

Oh I had such a nice weekend. Friday was a half day at work so I spent Friday night at Barnsley Gardens with my family. It was so nice and relaxing and fun. The best thing was I went canoeing. I had never canoed(this may or may not be a word) myself. Last time my Dad paddeled me around( I was pregnant so cut me some slack) but this time I was an active participant. I would strongly suggest this for anyone stressing out, it is so relaxing. Its a good arm work out too. The wind was blowing and we had to keep paddeling or it would blow us into reeds which scared the poor turtles who were sunning themselves. I gave myself the weekend off from my diet. I'm glad I did because when I got to my room the fairy god mother, you heard right they have a fairy god mother, left me an adorable smore kit with a note saying "Have s'more fun". Check I did that I also indulged in the free wine and cheese reception. I tried to eat a piece of chicken but it was gross, I'm really not having any problem giving up meat I don't even like it. I do like cheese, that is the hardest for me. Milk isn't a problem because I can use almond milk in my cereal and I didn't like milk to start with. Butter isn't a problem because I use Earth Balance sticks when I cook and I never buttered anything usually. Cheese is a whole other issue I LOVE it vegetarians and vegans are liars don't listen to them their "cheese" isn't even close It try to eat it and it makes me mad.


I'm hiking like every other day. I usually hike the same couple of places which is cool because I can see a big improvment in my endurance. I'm probably going again today, but I might switch it up and bike, stationary I don't know how to ride a bike or swim or skate. I'm plannning on learning how to bike and soon It wont be pretty I have no balance!


I'm not sure if I have lost any weight I usually do my weekly weigh in on Monday morning, but I'm waiting until tomorrow so I lose the wine bloat. I feel smaller and I think that should count = ) 


So two weeks to go until race day. I'm ready I feel good about it. I hope everyone else is feeling confident too!  

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Spring is Here

Posted by epeaslee Mar 25, 2010

Hey guys, Ok I know it's been more than a week sorry about that. I've been busy, but in a really great happy way. I love Spring. LOVE IT!!! I have almost debilitating seasonal depression and it is FINALLY starting to lift. I had extreme depression through my entire pregnancy, so it has been exactly 12 months since the last time I have been happy. Honestly, the last year was hell I was suicidal through most of it and obviously gained a billion pounds.  Finally finally I am starting to feel good. Training: Last week was ok. I got in the required number of minutes, but I felt like I wasn't pushing myself that hard. This week I have really been pushing and I feel good, but sore. I discovered this cool program on the treadmill in the gym in my neighborhood. It is called "random" and if you pick it will increase and decrease your speed and inclines very randomly. I like it because it reminded me of hiking and it kept my interest. I am trying to do an hour of cardio when I workout, but I am starting to get bored on the treadmill at my house.  Now that it is finally nice out I will try to do more outdoors. Weight: I haven't lost any more and I'm not sure why. I am working out and eating very well. Maybe I am not getting enough calories... I'm not sure I usually get 1200 to 1400 a day. I always eat breakfast, I eat when I'm hungry, and I eat small meals through out the day. Diet: I am a rock star in the kitchen so lots of good nutritious food there.* Vendors please stop bringing donuts and breakfast sandwiches to my job every day.  So far, I haven't had any of it, but there is only so much I can mentally handle.  I made this awesome sweet potatoe curry for dinner last night. Here is the recipe from the International Vegan Unit Sweet Potato Curry From: Jen, Sunshine Coast, Australia * 1 large sweet potato (or 2 smaller ones), peeled and cubed * 1 medium onion, diced * 1 425g coconut milk or cream * 1 tbl red curry paste * 1 tbl soy sauce * 1 clove garlic * oil Heat oil in frying pan and cook garlic and onions until onions are soft. Add curry paste, stir and cook for 2 or 3 minutes until fragrant. Add sweet potato and stir through until it's coated in curry paste, cook for 4 or 5 minutes. Pour in coconut milk and soy sauce. Stir and simmer gently until sweet potoato is tender. Serve with rice of your choice.

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Mixed Weekend

Posted by epeaslee Mar 15, 2010

     I didn't go on my backpacking trip this weekend The person I was going with totally backed out so lame. From now on I am doing stuff by myself so I don't have to rely on anyone. I should mention that the person is my daughter's father so when he comes to see her on the weekend I have to be there. I think from now on he will be seeing her when it is convienant for me, or not I'm venting out of frustration. In place of that I went hiking on Kennesaw Mountain. I wanted to do the complete 16 mile loop or at least go as far as I could. I took him with me and he wanted to stop before I did so I only did a 5.4 mile loop. It was very difficult though. It took me 2 hours just to do that. I was walking like I did when I was 9 months pregnant tiny tiny tiny steps at a really slow pace. When I got back to the car my legs were tingling and shaking as the they got their circulation back, which made me oddly joyful. I've lost 10 pounds and I'm feeling great about that. To reward myself I got my hair done Thursday night and I love it. Last week I brought dumbells to my job so I can exercise during my luch break. This is a stroke of genius because I keep them in the cornor of my desk and people ask me about them and I would feel like a huge fraud if I wasn't using them. I've made plans to Hike Amicola Falls the next 2 Sundays so that should be great and challenging. I bought myserlf a $50 State Park Pass as a sign of my commitment to hiking it felt good and I know its silly, but I feel awesome when I see it hanging in my car for all to see.

     The vegan thing is still going really with one small exception thin mint Girl Scout Cookies. I was eating vegan sushi with my brother and sis and telling them how great everything is going. Then I mentioned the only sweet I eat is one thin mint every night after dinner, its only 40 calories. My brother asks did you make the cookies and I said no they were Girl Scout Cookies. My brother smirks and says uh milk chocolate... he finds this so hilarious that he immediatly tweets everyone and tells them of my stupidity. Nice bro LOL. Needless to say I gave the remainder of the cookies to my sister.      

     I've been reading everyone's blog postings and I just wanted to say everyone is doing great and I'm very excited for all of us!

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Posted by epeaslee Mar 9, 2010

Oh I went hiking after work yesterday with my best friend. 4.5 miles in about 90 minutes. I went on a different trail then I usually use and it had a lot more uphill parts and down hill parts so both the front and back of my legs are super tired. I'm glad I went because it was beautiful and peaceful and I saw 2 deer and the trail was around a lake. I'm probably goping to do it again Wednesday. Then this weekend is my big back packing trip. I am very nervous I got a trail map of where we are going. Imaging a big V with a little v next to the top of it. That is its grade or slope. So at the beging it is all down hill and then it cuts very sharply up hill at the top of this will be our camp. Then in the morning on our hike out will will go down than up a little so not too much gradiant change. My thinking is if I went hiking yesterday and was super sore how much worse is it going to be with a stupid 20 pound pack on going on a maximum 30%/50LF grade . Ugh seriously just ugh.


On a happier note I am under 160 pounds for the first time in like 7 months!!! I'm hoping to be 150 by race day totally do able if I lose 2 pounds a week. 


*Accountability I had egg drop soup this weekend very unvegan and I had a little honey mustard last night because I didn't know it was made with mayonaise until after I ate some of it.

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Rest Day

Posted by epeaslee Mar 4, 2010

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping up their hard work. I just wanted to say how grateful I am for a rest day. I am exhausted, but am very grateful for the results I have been seeing. I ran/walked last night and made a healthy vegan dinner for myself and my newly vegetarian friend( he started before I did so I have to give him props). Tomorrow I am going on a 5 mile hike after work at the park by my house. It should be fun and I dont think the trail will be difficult. I'm looking foreward to being outside. I am NOT a snow bunny. 

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Posted by epeaslee Mar 3, 2010

So last night I sat down on my bed and glared at my treadmill for a full five minutes. I knew I needed to workout, but I wanted to go out drinking with my friends, or do my laundry, or read book, or really anything else. So I was mad at the treadmill who is only trying to serve its purpose and help me. I did get on it and use it and felt good about myself after. For me personally the hardest part of working out is putting on my work out clothes and stepping outside or onto the treadmill. I have never gotten on a treadmill and not used it. Remember GI Joe's saying "knowing is half the battle" I feel like for me getting dressed is half the battle. If I can just mentally get myself in the game I will work out.

Just a note the vegan thing is going great. I cheated Monday at lunch and had wild caught alaskan salmon added to my salad I don't feel bad about that at all.     

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Week One Fun

Posted by epeaslee Feb 26, 2010

    Things have been going great. I started working out a week early. Last weekend I went to Callaway Gardens and walked for 4 miles. Last night I went hiking at Red Top Mountain for an hour after work. I’ve decided to become vegan. I was mostly vegetarian last week and since Sunday, I have been doing the vegan thing. I am feeling very encouraged it is amazing what a little exercise and clean eating will do for a person.              

     I signed up to do a beginners backpacking trip for the weekend of March 13 and 14. I know I need to push myself to get back out there, but honestly, I am scared. I am afraid I won’t be able to keep up with the group or I’ll be the weakest one. I keep thinking of reasons to back out, but I know I won’t because it’s now public information in my blog = )  I know what trail we are backpacking on it’s and 8.5 mile loop so the weekend before I am going to walk it so I know what to expect.              

     My biggest struggle is time. I work full time from 7 to 3:30 then I usually get home at 4:15. My baby is usually asleep by 8 or 8:30 so I don’t get to spend much time with her. I’ve been feeling guilty about coming home holding her for 10 or 15 minutes then working out for an hour (I’ve been lifting weights and doing extra cardio). When it’s nice out I put her in a stroller and we walk the neighborhood, but it’s almost never nice out. It makes me feel like a bad mom.             

      I like to end things on a positive note so here it is I have lost 5 pounds and I’ve gone down a pants size in just two weeks. I hope everyone else is doing well too! 

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Intro to me

Posted by epeaslee Feb 5, 2010

Hello All,

Firstly... Go Team "Bye Bye Baby Weight"!


So I am Elizabeth. I am 25 years old living in Canton GA (40 minutes North of Atlanta).  I am a first time mommy of a beautiful three-month-old girl. I am 5'5 and currently weigh 165 pounds and am a size 12. My pre-pregnancy weight was 125 pounds and I was a size 4/6.


My motivation for taking on this challenge is typical. I want my pre baby body back. Oh so badly. Equally important is that I want to provide a good example to my daughter. I want the two of us to enjoy many outdoor activities together specifically hiking and camping.


Right now, I am feeling simultaneously excited and scared. I think this is going to be great because I am going to be accountable to all of you, which provides me with a lot of motivation. I am scared because everyone hates failure particularly if it is in public.


Fitness wise before I got pregnant I was in the best shape of my life. I never worked out as a child and was rather chunky. I slimmed down in high school through no effort of my own just had a growth spurt. Then I gained a lot my second year of college. After that, I was fed up. I started watching what I ate and went from 180 to 160.  Then I started working out with a personal trainer for 12 weeks and went from 160 to 140. Once I knew how to workout I continued doing that on my own and got down to 125. The week I got pregnant was the first time I ever had the confidence to wear a bikini in public. I would like to mention that I was not a runner I was a hiker. Put me on a slow incline I will muster. Ask me to run it gets sweaty and ugly. Nevertheless, I am up for a challenge and running is the best way to lose weight quick!

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