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A 'Rocky' start

Posted by softballmom41 Feb 23, 2010

Well, I was so excited to get going Monday morning.  I actually did some pre- workouts last week and felt great!  Five days last week walking on the treadmill.  But.. my three year old was up sick all night Sunday into Monday and the same last night. Not what I was planning for. So, that had me wiped out for the day, along with piano, softball practice, dinner and so on.  So, I have to say yesterday didn't start out so well.  Today, I had softball practice, which I feel I got out and active. I'm the coach, so I try to get out and moving with the girls.  So far, my meals have been good and I am working on portion control as well.  I hope tomorrow will be a little better.

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Well Here We Go

Posted by Blake500 Feb 23, 2010

Well here we go.


I didn't do any "pre" workouts in the weeks leading up to yesterday, I decided to see if I could go completely from couch potato to running a 6K in 8 weeks.  Maybe a bad idea but it will give me a good idea of what I can accomplish in 8 weeks. (Or just how goofy I am for not ramping up).


Monday I started the running program that Jenny recommended.  I woke up at 5:00 and headed for the YMCA.  I've determined with 4 kids and a busy job, if I don't do this first thing it might not get done.  To my surprise there were lots of other people at the Y at 5:00 in the morning, who would have guessed.   I forgot my head phones so I put the little TV on the treadmill on subtitles and set the clock for 30 minutes.  I wanted to run for 20 minutes but knew I couldn't do that straight so I walked for 3 minutes and then ran for 5 minutes then walked for 3 minutes then ran again.  When I got finished I had run for 20 minutes total and walked for the other 10.  I covered right at 2 miles.


It's still cold in Tennessee so when the weather gets nicer I've found a couple of running trails through some neighborhoods close to my house, so I can start getting out more and breathing the fresh air.  I wonder if there is a way to watch TV like you do on the treadmill and still run outside?  This would be a good invention to work on.


I also bought some aerobic dvds for days I wake up late and can't make it to the gym or if it is raining outside.  Figured a good back up plan will keep me from skipping.


Today was my first cross training   day.  I'm trying the Body for Life system for the cross training and the diet.  Wouldn't you know on the first day of cross training I woke up late.  Luckily I had a back plan for this also.  I had bought two resistance bands a while back.  One is long and you can attach it to a door and do all kinds of  shoulder exercises, curls, presses, and flies.  The other band goes around your ankles and allows you hip flexor, leg curls, and extensions.  I did 10 exercises and it lasted for about 30 minutes.  Not the hardest workout, but a good first step.  I'm sore in several of my muscle groups right now.


Food wise I'm trying to eat 6 small meals a day containing a healthy protein, a "good"  carbohydrate and some veggies thrown in on a couple of the meals.  After a day and a half, I'm doing okay but I know the test will come this weekend.


I'll be running again tomorrow at 5 am.  I'll try 7 minutes running and 2 minutes of walking and see how I do.


I started at 253 lbs Monday morning and I'll blog on what my weight is next Monday.



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I have support

Posted by LettyPileski Feb 23, 2010

I love this! I managed to recruit three people to be Active with me, my friend Paulina, my husband Jody and my brother Daniel. Knowing that they are doing the activities with me makes me feel even more inspired. Last night my husband and I went for our 20 minute run together. It felt good. I fear that that will be an isolated incident as our schedules are so very different and we have a three year old son. None the less... I have support. Day one done Letty

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Day 2- done early!

Posted by walkinginthelight Feb 23, 2010

Got up this a.m. at 5:30 to get my training in. Kids were all sleeping, the house was quiet. I laced up my shoes and got on the treadmill. I stretched before I started, which I had forgotten to do last night, and ended up waking up at 2:30 in the morning with a really bad leg cramp! Don't know if it was related or not, but thought it a good idea to stretch well before I started walking this a.m. Did the 5 minute warm up, and then a 20 minute walking program on my treadmill that proved to be very (too?) challenging. In two minute segments, the treadmill changes both pace and incline for 20 minutes. So at one point, I was walking at a 4.0 pace, at a 8% incline (the max incline is 10). So it was like walking up a very steep hill, very very fast. It was the longest two minutes of my life! I was relieved when it then dropped to a 6% incline for the next two minutes. But then back up for another 2!  This hill segment might have been a little to early for me to try. I think I was higher than a "7" for my exertion rate. By 12 minutes, I was breathing very heavily with sweat pouring off my forehead. But I did it. And I feel like I can enjoy my day knowing that I've exercised.


I will be glad when the weather improves. I live near Chicago, and we got another 4 inches of snow on yesterday, and as I look out the window as I am typing this, it is snowing again. I am looking forward to being able to get outside and do my training.

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I was very excited to check my email this morning and find my first message with the "day 1" training program, instead of "today is a rest day". Hurrah! The training program finally begins!

So the plan is to walk for 20 minutes , staying at an exertion rate of 7. I think I can do that! Coach Jenny posted a video this week reminding us to  begin and end with a 5 minute warm up and cool down. OK, so that means I need to find 30 minutes somewhere in the day to do this. Would you believe it is 9:30 at night, and I just found the time to exercise? That was not a good thing.


But today was a busy Monday for me....get the kids to school, meet with the guidance counselor, meet with the accountant, pay some bills, go to the bank and the post office,  hit up the grocery store, take the little one to ballet,speak with the guitar instructor, return a few phone calls,  make dinner, clean up the dinner mess, help the kids with homework, do a couple of loads of laundry, blah blah blah. So everyone is finally settled in for the night, and the house is quiet. Now I have the time to work out. Problem .... I was already exhausted and ready for bed. But I put on my running shoes and my very unattractive lycra pants, and headed to the basement and got on the treadmill. I did it. I accomplished my first day of training.


What I learned about today: I need to make exercising a priority, and get it done as early in the day as possible. Exercising right before bed was not a good thing for me.

I nee to get a radio or ipod or some kind of music cranking to keep me motivated.

I need to drink water, but make sure not to over do it.  Right around 12 minutes, I had finished my water bottle and started to cramp up a little.

So tomorrow is another day, and another chance to improve upon my fitness strategies. But now.... a shower and off to bed. Tomorrow begins at 6 a.m.

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First "Official" Day...

Posted by CBPepperman Feb 22, 2010

So- here we go! Today is the first official day of training. I have been a walker for some time, off and on. I started to take it back up when I had Ray, but that really only lasted while I was on maternity leave- hence why I'm here. In November, I started walking again hoping to lose some of this 50 pounds. It didn't take me long to get back in the swing of things and I found myself taking longer and longer walks to get more of a workout, which in turn was taking more and more time away from my family. So, when I got to choose my training program, I chose to push myself and train to run, something I have been wanting to do. Boy was I in for a suprise tonight. I found that while I knew I wasn't in the best shape...I really think I'm in horrible shape. I finished my workout...however it was a little running and then some walking and so on. I know that with a little time I will be in better shape and can run for longer intervals...I just wish I was able to do it now! On the other hand, I watched my portions and drank all of my water today which has made me feel much better as I sit down and write this. So tomorrow I will concentrate on my cross training, my hydration and my portion control again- and try to not be so's not like I put this weight on overnight! Until tomorrow....Oh and if anyone has any tips out there for beginning runners please send them my way!!!

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Greetings teams!  This is it...Week one of the Who Wants to Get Active Program!  How did the grocery shopping expedition go over the weekend?  Stay tuned for some yummy recipes in the coming weeks and clever ways to sneak in all the nutrients you need daily.  Although it may be highly controversial, I recommend weighing yourself and taking measurements once per week.  Several research studies have found that the accountability that comes from identifying your starting point and keeping tabs on it along the way is an effective tool for losing weight and reducing bodyfat.  Please keep in mind though that not all weight is equal because muscle weighs more than fat.  That is why it is also key to take measurements (upper arm, chest, waist, thigh and calf) as the more active lean muscle you develop, the more inches you'll lose.  Muscle may weigh more on the scale, however it is a lot more dense and takes up less space.  It is best to go with the same time and day every week for consistency as our weight can vary by several pounds during the day.   Keep a notepad handy and make notes on your progress.  Although it may be scary at first to weigh and measure in, the motivation that comes from seeing the numbers decline will keep you energized to reaching your goals.  Remember to keep things in persepctive as it won't help to obsess about the weight on the scale daily.   Just like your finances, it will help to first identify where you are and evaluate as you go.  The idea is to stay flexible rather than fixate on a magic number and check in only once per week.


While we're on the subject of getting started, remember to invest in a proper warm up and cool down while you workout.  Whether you are walking, run-walking, running or cross-training, warming up will gradually increase your respiration, heart rate and circulation to the working muscles.  Warming up means taking 5 minutes and starting with an easy effort level (walking) and progressing slowly to a brisk pace.  It is similar to merging onto the expressway with your car.  Doing so will allow your body and mind time to adapt efficiently to the more demanding workout ahead.  Skipping a warm-up can shock your body and elevate your heart rate and breathing.  It leads to an uncomfortably high effort level for the workout session and can lead to aches and pains along the way as well.  Cooling down is the exact opposite of the warm up.  Start with a brisk walk or easy jog and gradually reduce the speed until your heart rate and breathing are back to a normal, resting state.  Cooling down properly avoids the risk of stopping arbuptly including blood pooling in the working muscles and dizziness.  When you bookend your workout with five minutes of transition time, it makes for a more pleasant and efficient workout.


Happy Trails,


Coach Jenny


Twitter (coachjenny) and Facebook

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Today is the day

Posted by Shana99 Feb 22, 2010

Yeap, it is today.  My new shoes will hit the pavement.  A good pair of fitted shoes have to be a runners best friend.  I bought a regular pair of Nike shoes and they were killing my feet.  I went to a speciality store and found out they weren't running shoes?!?!  This is my second pair of good shoes that have been properly fitted to my feet. Every night my feet thank me.   I'm so excited about this new training program.  When I was training before, my workouts always consisted of running.  I fell in love with running and hurt my in the process.  So now that I will be able to cross train; I'm hoping to save my knee.  Goal this week is to get moving and drink a lot more water.  I'm making a yummy taco soup recipe.  It is so yummy and when you omit the sour cream and cheese; it is really healthy.  I love low fat recipes, so I'll post some of my favorites.  (I'm guessing everyone has a taco soup recipe)

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Learn from each day

Posted by Nancy Clark RD CSSD Feb 21, 2010

When you are making dietary changes, you want to be sure to learn from each day and figure out:


What went right?

What went wrong?

How could I have eaten better or differently?

What will I do the next time?


For example, instead of eating cookies every afternoon, try eating a bigger breakfast and lunch. You'll observe that you won't crave cookies if you eat a bigger breakfast and lunch. By frontloading calories, you'll have more energy to exercise, will improve the quality of your food choices--and will be more likley to lose weight.


Enjoy that French Toast!!



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Walked a 5K this past weekend

Posted by mekani Feb 18, 2010

So, I signed up for a women only 5K this past Saturday.  It was billed as run/walk, you could do either or both.  I decided I would racewalk it just so I could get an idea of where I am for the 6K up in Los Angeles in April.  I did it in 42:53, 13.50/M!  Not too bad.  I have to admit it really made me feel good to pass the run/walkers and I even passed a couple of joggers. It was really fun passing the ones that were much younger than me!  Yeah, I said it. All in all, it was a really fun event and made me pretty confident for training to start on Monday the 22nd and get ready for the 6K walk in April.


Then.  I got up the next day.


So, when people tell you to stretch before and after working out, they're not kidding.  Especially when you're doing a pace or length you're not used to.  O.  M.  G.  I was SO sore.  I even went to the gym with my husband and couldn't manage a sloooow walk on the treadmill.  I stretched for the entire hour.  It was brutal.  Please.  I beg of you.  Stretch.  Warm up.  Your muscles will thank you.


I did realize if I can walk that pace for 5K, there's no reason I can't slowly jog that far.  I decided to try it out this week. I woke up early and attempted to jog a two mile stretch in my neighborhood, fully expecting to have to walk about 1/2 mile in.  Not at all!  I jogged 95% of it.  I took a short break coming up a hill on the way back and a short piece at the end.  I was pretty pleased with myself.  It was slooow but it was farther than I've jogged/run without stopping in a long time.  Yes, I stretched when I got home.  And I'm only a little sore today.  Going back out tomorrow to see if I cam improve my time/endurance.  


Keep going!  And stretch!

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Greetings WWTGA Teams!  I'm back from the Caribbean and ready to rumble.  I've enjoyed reading your blog posts and getting to know you.  Thank you for presenting yourself to the world and telling your stories.  I believe the very first step in making change is identifying where you are.  Blogging about it somehow makes it more real.  So, here we go!


Just a few tips before we get officially started next week.  Gwen, I admire you in many ways.  Being in the service industry is a challenging career and one that requires constant output (giving).  This is the perfect time to learn to set aside some you time and give back to the one who gives so much to so many (that would be you).  Scheduling your workouts for 7pm before you go to work is a great idea and like brushing your teeth will soon become a regular part of your day.  Just 30 minutes a day will make a significant difference in reaching your goals to Get Active and Run It Off! As you have written, the healthier you are, the better role model you are for your kids, your husband and your co-workers.


Remember Rome wasn't built in a day and changing habits happens over time.  But stocking up with healthy food choices so you have access when you need them is a great way to get this party started.  It never fails, whether I'm home or on the road traveling, if I plan ahead and have healthy food choices, I eat them.  If I don't, I end up struggling to find foods that aren't on the Super-sizing list.  If you haven't done so already, plan a trip to the grocery store in the next few days and consider the following tips on your journey through the maze of options.


  • Make a list and check it twice.  It takes a few minutes up front, but pays off in dividends in the end and really reduces the stress levels.  Look through websites and magazines for healthy recipes.  Some of my favorite resources are Cooking Light and Eating Well.  Research has shown that eating at home is a solid strategy for managing the portion size and quality of the food you eat.  Find a few easy to make 30-minute recipes for the week and you're set.  You'll feel good preparing them and even better after you eat them.
  • Eat before you shop.  If you shop when you're hungry, your cart will soon be filled with food choices that may not be on the healthy list. 
  • Variety is the spice for life.  We tend to eat the same foods (and wear the same clothes) but the key to eating a balanced nutritional diet is to go with seasonal foods and mix it up.  You don't have to reinvent the wheel, however mixing up veggies and grains in yoru dinners or salad ingredients for lunch will earn you major nutrient points!
  • Invest your time in the produce section of the store and buy a variety of colorful fruits and veggies.  These foods have the least amount of preservatives and chemicals and they are the best for you.  Frozen fruits and veggies are a good alternative this time of year (winter) and will keep longer during the week.
  • Look for the least processed foods with the least amount of ingredients.  If you can't pronounce the ingredient, it isn't natural.  For example, brown rice has three times the fiber than white rice and is an easy change with lots of healthy perks.  Breads with 100% whole wheat are more nutritional than the processed alternatives.  Consider weaving other healthy grains into recipes like quinoa, bulgur and barley. 
  • We all know a good way to lose fat is to lose fat in our diets.  A good way to do so is to go with lean cuts of meat, poultry, and fish.  Ask your butcher for the leanest cuts and tell them about your challenge.  They will be a useful resource when developing your new menu.  Stick with healthy options like avacados, nuts, olive, sunflower and safflower oil (mono and polyunsaturated fats are good). 
  • Shop the perimeter of the store where the freshest foods are found.  You'll be less likely to invest in those trigger foods and more likely to graze on more natural food selections.
  • I know we're all budget-conscious these days.  Click here to learn about ten healthy foods for under a $1. 


Happy shopping...


Coach Jenny


Join me on Twitter (Coachjenny) &  Facebook

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Hi All,


Nancy Clark here. I specialize in nutrition for exercise and weight management. I'm here to help you reach your goals.


One key to success is to remember that food is fuel, and not "the fattening enemy". You want to fuel by day, and then, if you want to lose undesired body fat, eat a little bit less at night. This contrasts with the standard practice of dieting by day and then "blowing it" at night because you have gotten too hungry.


Because there is no one diet that fits everyone, I highly recommend you get personalized advice by meeting with a sports dietitian, You can use the website to find a local expert. This person will help you create a sustainable food plan that you are willing to maintain for the rest of your life.





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Overcoming excuses

Posted by ICURNpope Feb 13, 2010

I'm so looking forward for official training to begin! I've added workout times in my schedule and added the Lose It application to my IPhone to log food and activity. I've got a treadmill that has been dusted of cobwebs and a great Core Secrets exercise video by Gunner Peterson for my cross training days. I'm so sick of this soft middle tire that has developed! What other excuses do I have that could stop me now!!! I'm going to rock this thing!!!   Well, I do have other excuses and I still need to tackle them so my journey to a healthy life has no forks in the road. I've just started working the graveyard shift 4 nights a week (Sat-Tue)  as an intensive homecare nurse and have just started homeschooling my youngest son. Food is a way for me to cope with how I feel and when I feel tired, emotional, ect. and my resolve to make healthy food choices or to get motivated to exercise is seriously jeapordized. But since I'm a nurse, a healthy lifestyle is so important to me and is a value I want to instill into my family. I was talking to my husband last night. He is so wonderful and supportive!! I would not be the person I am without him and God in my life. We discussed how I need to structure my days backward. Just like most people work work full days and have to come home, make dinner, and help the kids with homework, I too will need to follow this schedule except the time of day will be different. I will set aside my work out time when I wake 7pm, shower and go to work. When I get home, I'll have a good meal, and start my son's homeschool day. By 1pm I'll say good night and let him work independently (he's 10), until Dad comes home.


Crazy as this seems, I'll make this work and overcome all the excuses!! Thanks for all the other"Who Wants to Get Active" team members and trainers who will provide me the additional motivation  and direction I need to succeed!

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Hi Everyone!

I am Farel Hruska and I have been a coach in previous "Bye, Bye Baby Weight" Teams. I am thrilled to be a motivator for this 2010 team, as well. I get that making change is hard, if it was easy everyone would be doing it! However, commiting to this process could be the step you all need. Stay positive and focused. You will make amazing changes and break-throughs!



Farel Hruska

Stroller Strides National Fitness Director & Mom of 3 girls



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Cool Tools!

Posted by walkinginthelight Feb 9, 2010

OK, so I know we don't officially start training until 2/22, but I've been poking around with the site trying to learn my way around. I've  been reading my "walk it off " team mates blogs,  and was pleased to learn everything is working, and I am able to leave comments for everyone! I've even requested them as 'friends", I just have to figure out what that means exactly.

Today I used the "tools" on the training page, and was able to figure out my body mass and percentage of body fat. That was an eye opener! Hopefully those numbers will be going down. Way down. Soon.   Uh, real soon!  I also learned how to review the training pages, record my distance and pace, and make sure I'm staying hydrated.  I'm really impressed with these neat features!  Hopefully, this will be an efficient way to keep track of my training, and a great way to watch my progress. Getting really excited!

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