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A Salute to the Rucker Park MCs

Posted by RyanActive on Aug 13, 2010 4:39:38 PM

Rucker Park has finished up one day of World Basketball Festival action, and as I wind down, I’m going to make a toast to the MCs who announced all the games. They were awesome today.


Streetball at Rucker  Park is unique in part because one or two guys roam along the sideline (but in bounds) and do play-by-play with a bit of a street flavor to it. They use lots of slang, make fun of everybody and really make the event even more enjoyable than it already is.


A couple of MC highlights from Rucker:


---The Puerto Rico and Brazil national teams played a scrimmage during the middle of Friday’s action. It was obvious that neither team really cared about the scrimmage, and it showed because they didn’t put in a great effort during the hour they were on the court.


Well, the MCs were having none of that. Throughout the action, the MCs kept heckling the players for lazy play. They even dropped hints of disgust, saying that Rucker  Park isn’t a place for 50 percent effort.


Puerto Rico won big behind Miami Heat guard Carlos Arroyo, without question the best player on the floor.


---During the Battle of the Boroughs matchup between Brooklyn and the Bronx, the MC pacing the court quickly established names for all of the regular players, and he stuck with them the entire game. Mostly, they were related to how the guy looked. They weren’t exactly nice, but they were funny.. They included


-- Stewie from Family Guy

-- Headband Too Tight

-- Kevin Durant in the Face

-- Big Worm from Friday

-- Ray Charles (he was wearing sunglasses)

-- Eleven Pounds Nine Ounces (a skinny cat)

-- And, the nicest one of the day, Looks Like He Can Play


--Among the other gems, airballs were called Oxygen Balls, and steals were called Capital Ones (what's in your wallet?). On and on and on. And we can't wait to hear them again.

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