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Mountain Biking the North Pole

Posted by ActiveAdmin on Apr 11, 2007 3:30:05 PM


[]A couple weeks ago Chicago had record high temperatures and I was overjoyed to be outside on my bike after a long winter of indoor training rides. Winter is back now in the Midwest and it is a rude awakening. It’s almost the middle of April and Major League baseball games have been canceled in both Cleveland and Chicago on account of snow. I’ll admit, it makes me not want to take my bike out anytime soon.



Until I read about the North Pole Bike Extreme, the first bike race at the North Pole. The race description on the site is as follows:


You will cycle a 26.2-mile marathon distance in extreme sub-zero temperatures on the high Arctic Ocean while negotiating small hillocks of ice and pressure ridges. You will struggle in this formidable challenge, constantly aware you are on territory where the polar bear is king. Forced to carry your bike in some sections, and with 6 to 12 feet of pack ice separating you from 12,000 feet of Arctic Ocean below, a steely nerve will be required to take part in North Pole Bike Extreme - the coolest bike race on the planet.

The Midwest weather doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Fewer excuses, more pedaling!



(Photo provided by Getty Images/Image Source)



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