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No More Olympic Dreams for Skateboarding

Posted by Trish18 on Oct 26, 2007 12:31:00 PM

Attempts to introduce skateboarding to the 2012 London Olympics have failed.


The International Olympic Committee wanted to debut the sport to increase the youth appeal of the 2012 Games.


Skateboarders have been divided over the idea of taking part in the Olympics. Some would have welcomed the exposure; others said it would lead to a conformity that doesn’t lend itself to the sport that grew out of the Californian surf craze.


As the deadline for a completely new sport at London 2012 has long passed, the only chance skateboarding has to be included is if it is adopted by an existing Olympic sport as a discipline. The International Cycling Federation did not even consider adopting skateboarding as a "wheel-based" sport.


However, the federation remains in talks with the IOC about introducing an additional form of BMX for London. The cycling sport will make its debut at next year's Beijing games but, by 2012, a "freestyle" discipline could be added.


Do you think skateboarding and BMX should be included as Olympic sports?

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