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Volcom - Pushing the Limits

Posted by saraallent on Jan 10, 2008 10:02:00 AM

Have you ever wanted to make history? Have you ever wanted to be the first to do something? Well, here is your chance. It’s been over a month since Volcom announced it would give away $10,000 to the first surfer to successfully execute and document a ‘kick flip’ and the contest will continue to run until a winner is crowned.  Although there are numerous videos floating around the internet of documented attempts, there has still been no sign of a surfer landing a “proper, above-the-lip” kickflip, as Volcom describes it. 


In order for the kickflip to count, the surfer must launch in the air, flip the board with their front foot, and cleanly land and ride out of the wave.  There is to be no towing, grabs, wakeboards, boogie boards, trays, shoes or dolphin-assistance. Yes, you read that correctly–no dolphin assistance.


It is only a matter of time before Volcom hands over a big check to some lucky surfer who’s been stomping waves, not for the money, but for the feeling that comes with  being the first ever surfer to document a kickflip.  This is an extremely difficult trick, but surfing will always be a sport where limits are pushed. Volcom is simply adding a little extra motivation for surfers all over the world. What are you still doing reading this? Grab your board and start paddling out. It’s time to make history!  



Go to Volcom Kickflip-Off Contest for official rules and entry forms.

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