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Heikki Sorsa's One Footed Frontside 360

Posted by saraallent on Jan 29, 2008 12:15:07 PM

As it turns out for Heikki Sorsa, he will return to Finland with only street credit for the one footed frontside 360 he threw over the 65 footer on the last hit in the Winter X Games 12 Slopestyle competition. According to the judges, the rest of his run simply wasn't clean enough to score him the points he deserved for throwing such a creative trick. Sorsa will go down in Winter X history despite the fact that he only finished 5th overall.


Did you see Heikki Sorsa's one footed frontside 360 in the Winter X Games Slopestyle competition? What'd you think? Check it out below. Do you think he should have scored higher and finished above 5th place?







Men's Slopestyle Finals


1. Andreas Wiig, 92.00

2. Kevin Pearce, 88.33

3. Shaun White, 83.33

4. Eero Ettala, 82.66

5. Heikki Sorsa, 77.00

6. CHas Guldemond, 76.33

7. Mikkel Bang, 68.66

8. Mason Aguirre, 63.66

9. Mathieu Crepel, 43.00

10. Jussi Oksanen, 42.00

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