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Arizona Hiking

Posted by yayhowfun Apr 1, 2008

I took the Active Hiking group out of state this weekend....well ok, I went out of state this weekend..  I climbed Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, AZ - though it's only a 2.2 mile hike, you gain a SICK 1200 feet of altitude.  The views are amazing - check out the pics.






If anyone is interested in doing a weekend trip to northern AZ to do some camping/hiking in Sedona, let me know!





























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Hey Active Hikers!  The last few hikes we’ve done have been a little on the longer side, and I think a few of you are looking for more of a beginner’s hike.


SO,that being said – we’ll be doing COWLES MOUNTAIN on Saturday morning at 7:30AM.


Cowles is a pretty quick hike – you can easily be up and down in an hour and a half, with a good rest at the top.  It’s a very well-traveled path, which is why we’re going early to avoid the crowds.As always, please let Carrie or myself know if you plan on coming out, so we can be sure to wait for you at the trailhead.


Here are the directions:


From Interstate 8 - Take 8 to the College Avenue exit. Proceed north on College Avenue 1.0 miles to Navajo Road. Turn right and proceed on Navajo Road 1.9 miles to Golfcrest Drive. Turn left on Golfcrest Drive to

enter parking lot.


From Route 52 - Take 52 to the Mast Blvd. exit in Santee. Driving east, turn left onto Mast Blvd., go under the freeway to the first traffic signal (West Hills Parkway) and turn right. Driving west, turn right onto Mast Blvd. and right onto West Hills Parkway. Take West Hills Parkway to Mission Gorge Road and turn right. Proceed down Mission Gorge Road 1.9 miles to Golfcrest Drive. Turn left onto Golfcrest Drive and go to the top of the hill. The staging area is on the left at the intersection of Navajo Road and Golfcrest Drive.


From Route 125 - Take 125 north to Mission Gorge Road and turn left. Proceed down Mission Gorge Road 3.3 miles to Golfcrest Drive. Turn left onto Golfcrest Drive and go 1 mile to the top of the hill. The staging area is on the left at the intersection of Navajo Road and Golfcrest Drive.

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Carrie James and I (Andrea Rishmawi) started the Active Hiking Group a few months ago to become more avid hikers.  A few times a month, we pick a trail, round up the troops, and hike our little hearts out!  Thus far, we've done Iron Mountain a few times, El Cajon Mountain, Cowles Mountain, and a few other trails.  We're trying to expand our repertoire of adventures, so please let us know if there's a hike you love or one that you want to try!


Carrie and I will review the hikes here on the blog, so we'll be able to look back and see what we liked, and what we didn't.  Here's a little background on Andrea and Carrie...keep these things in mind when reading their reviews!!!



Andrea:  Spent a few years in Arizona and LOVES to hike big mountains!  She prefers trail-running to a leisurely walk in the woods...She prefers hiking for a great workout, and the views are just a nice afterthought.  You can find Andrea running ahead with her little "corgi legs."





Carrie:  Carrie loves to hike as well, and really appreciates the beauty of nature.  She's a big adventurer who doesn't mind getting a bit off the beaten path.  You can find Carrie snapping great shots of the awesome scenery. 



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A group of Active employees and people in the Active community get together to try new hikes in San Diego a few times a month.

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