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Carrie James and I (Andrea Rishmawi) started the Active Hiking Group a few months ago to become more avid hikers.  A few times a month, we pick a trail, round up the troops, and hike our little hearts out!  Thus far, we've done Iron Mountain a few times, El Cajon Mountain, Cowles Mountain, and a few other trails.  We're trying to expand our repertoire of adventures, so please let us know if there's a hike you love or one that you want to try!


Carrie and I will review the hikes here on the blog, so we'll be able to look back and see what we liked, and what we didn't.  Here's a little background on Andrea and Carrie...keep these things in mind when reading their reviews!!!



Andrea:  Spent a few years in Arizona and LOVES to hike big mountains!  She prefers trail-running to a leisurely walk in the woods...She prefers hiking for a great workout, and the views are just a nice afterthought.  You can find Andrea running ahead with her little "corgi legs."





Carrie:  Carrie loves to hike as well, and really appreciates the beauty of nature.  She's a big adventurer who doesn't mind getting a bit off the beaten path.  You can find Carrie snapping great shots of the awesome scenery. 



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A group of Active employees and people in the Active community get together to try new hikes in San Diego a few times a month.

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