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Coach Houser:

I've been to your website.  You seem to coach successful teams year after year, regardless of the age, regardless of the tournaments they attend, etc.  How do you do it?



I do have a formula. 



(a) I give my kids power to try/learn/do, yet I limit them to the skills that they can become proficient .  At the same time, we try to perfect those skills through endless repetitions.



(b) My staff builds a fence around each girl so that certain disruptive behaviors don't surface.



(c) I give the girls opportunities to appreciate the good in each other, thus increasing their genuine concern/admiration for each other.  I can't force my girls to be a bonded team, but I can give them the opportunity to become so, and in my system (endless positives, endless appreciation, endless effort, etc.) the bonding usually takes place.    



There's no doubt that when those three things are combined, "team" most often occurs.  This breeds success, which results in more "team," which results in more success.   



In other words, if we consider winning to be the top of our team pyramid, I'm confident that I can build a very stable foundation, brick by brick.  I've been coaching volleyball long enough to be able to see how the bricks fit, and I can lay them so that they're sturdy and not likely to shift/crumble under pressures.   Other teams have too many loose, broken, missing bricks, thus those teams may lose b/c they don't have a better "architecture" through the long hours of practice, laughing, conditioning, sharing, passing until our arms drop off, etc. 



Tom Houser

Come check out the Drill Collection, the site camps.....and most of all, the smiling faces!



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