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"I want to play college volleyball!"

Posted by CoachHouser on Mar 20, 2010 3:42:56 AM
Coach Houser,
Hi, I went to one of your camps when I was in 8th grade. I'm am now 15 and a rising junior, I play varsity, I play club ball in Caswell County, NC.  In 2008 I went to Virginia Tech Advanced Skills Camp and in 2009 I went to UNC Advanced Skills Camp, I learned a lot, but I feel I need more work one on one. I want to play college ball and I would like to come to one of your camps this summer and possibly do private lessons. I really need help in knowing what to do in order to play on the college level.
I get these emails occasionally.  Here is my response.
I remember you b/c you won an award at that camp!  OK, I really don't remember you from 4 years ago.  I cheated......haha........I just looked here.

About my camps this summer, the website is here.   Right now, my staff and I are doing nine, the BEST one being a High Expectations camp where the only girls who are a accepted are experienced players with very good skills!  A person has to apply to attend this camp, and she may be rejected.  There are only 32 campers allowed, there will be EIGHT coaches..........and there are only 7 spots left.   Maybe the strongest players at your school will want to'll have to act quickly.  I only see those 7 spots staying open for about another week or two.

I've answered a number of questions about playing college ball.  Here are a few of them:

If you want to see a sample college skills video, please visit my team website here, scroll down a little, and touch the link to see one of my last year's player's skills video. 

And below is another article I wrote about 5 years ago.  It's one of the hundreds of articles in my ebooks that I sell to coaches here

What else can I do for you?  Just let me know.  Also, you're free to share anything I've sent you with your parents!

Have a great weekend!
Coach Houser
p.s.  I'm attaching a picture of my team at "Ninja" practice last night.  My Captain Of The Day arranged it, without telling me!  It was awesome!


IM’ing With A High School Senior.  If You Want To Play College Ball, Then You Have To Do The Work!

September 23, 2005


A few days ago, I was IMing a senior in high school who I’ve known for 5 years.  I’ve never coached her, but while I’ve been coaching with Roanoke Juniors for since 2001, she’s been on one of our teams each year.  The night we were IM’ing, I only wanted to know if her team won their volleyball match.  But the conversation drifted to where she wanted to go after high school and what she was doing to promote herself.  If you know someone who thinks that scholarships drop on you like leaves in autumn, you may want to send them a copy of the discussion below!

Houser: Hey!   Did you guys play HVHS tonight?
Player: yes we did. WE WON!

Houser: That's great!!
Houser: Hey, I'm going to work on your letter of recommend this weekend
Player: thank you
Houser:  Have you sent lots of videos out to colleges?  Where do you want to go?
Player: Not a whole lot.  I have sent videos when they've asked
Houser: do you want to play in college?
Player: oh yeah!
Houser: then you'd better get busy.  YOU'D better get busy
Player: lately i've been talking with Mary Washington
Player: yeah i've been sending stuff.  I’m getting ready to send some more out
Houser: don't wait
Houser: have you met the Mary Washington coach?
Player: No i haven't met MW’s coach yet.  We’re talking about going for a visit soon
Houser: go for a visit SOON!
Houser: Find out if you like the place, the coach, the team
Player: yeah!
Houser: I believe that when they know that you’re really interested, they'll make time for you!
Houser: Give the coach my name & number.  I know her and we can talk about you.
Player: oh okay...Thanks!!
Houser:   Your parents said that you may be interested in a Division I school.  If you are, you'd better contact them NOW, IMMEDIATELY, YESTERDAY.  Many Division I schools were done with '06s six months ago.  Did you know that?
Player: yeah i knew that...i thought they were done but two schools keep sending stuff
Houser: The admission office, or the vball coach?
Player: coach
Houser: If it's from the vball coach, then call him/her right back, today, now, yesterday.......if you're interested
Houser: Call them tonight.
Player: yeah
Houser: have you sent them a tape?
Player: yes
Houser: Why not call and talk? Have they called you yet?
Player: nope
Houser: Division I & II schools can only call you once a week.
Player: yeah the Division I schools haven’t called, but Mary Washington has
Houser: Maybe those Division I schools don't know you're interested.  You know, all these teams are in-season right now, just like you.  The coaches may be so busy that they call only those women who have shown a lot of interest.  Most of these coaches are married with children...........and they don't have the time to call everyone.  I believe if you start calling them, then they'll start calling you.
Player: yeah..that's true
Player: I will email the Mary Washington coach tonight.
Houser: that's GREAT!!
Houser: Who are you going to call tonight?
Houser: If they don't answer the phone, leave a long message.
Player: haha i don't know yet...okay I’ll do that.  What do I say?
Houser: Tell them that you're interested, that they have your tape, and you want to know if they're interested in you.  You'd like to come & visit.  You'd like for them to tell you when.  I’ll email the MW coach and tell her all I know about you.

Player: thanks so much
Houser: And would you email me when you do the phone calling? I want to know what they said!!
Houser: Remember, you're not going to be recruited.
Houser: Neither will any of the players on my team.  Neither will the players on my stepdaughter’s team.  Neither will the players on your team.  
Player: why won't they?
Houser: They’re not good enough and/or they don’t play enough juniors to make themselves visible and/or they haven’t contacted the coaches who can use them.  They and you have to do most of the work yourself. 
Houser: YOU have to do it.
Player: yeah
Houser: It's like getting a job.  Jobs don't come get you: You have to go get them
Player: yeah
Player: that's true
Houser: If Mary Washington doesn't think you're interested, they're not going to bug you..........they don't have time.............spouse, children, house, maybe even another job
Houser:    The head coach at Roanoke College is an elementary school teacher with a new baby.  The former coach at Hollins University is a middle school Spanish teacher.  See?  These women don’t have time to make 10 calls a night
Player: yeah
Houser: but YOU can make 5 calls a week.........until someone says, "Yeah we want you.  When can you come visit?" or until they say, "We don't need you. Thanks anyway," and that's cool. 
Houser: It's ok if they don't want you.  It's NOT ok if you don’t know if they want you.  Find out.  Find out asap.  If you can’t get an answer, have your coach or me email/call them.  We’ll help you get an answer.  
Player: yeah
Player: right




Tom Houser

Director, STAR Volleyball Camps

Head Coach, 2010 New River Valley 15 National

Author, “I Can’t Wait” Drill Collection and Ebooks


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