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Shape21: The 3 Week Lean Body Manual is a step-by-step exercise and nutrition guide designed by Ben Greenfield. The book features beginner, intermediate, and advanced level workouts, combined with a daily meal plan, grocery list, and detailed exercise instructions and photos.<br/><br/>Today's workout video is taken straight from Day 14 of this cutting-edge program. You'll notice that the workout is brief! Each Shape21 exercise session is designed to be just 20-30 minutes in length, wasting no time in maximizing fat burning and muscle toning effect.<br/><br/>httpv://<br/><br/>Intermediate Level - Perform 4x Through, rest minimally between exercises:<br/><br/>14 Lift & Press<br/>21 Jumping Jacks<br/>14 Bent Rows<br/>7 Lunge & Curl per Leg<br/>60 second Run or Bike at 100%<br/><br/>Click here to visit today!


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