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<br/><br/>In this December 8, 2008 podcast , Ben Greenfield answers your questions about metabolic testing, covering inquires that include:
bq. Q: Why should I perform an Exercise Metabolic Test?

Q: What is an Exercise Metabolic Test?

Q: What exactly is measured in an Exercise Metabolic Test?

Q: How is my data gathered?

Q: What do all those measurements tell me?

Q: How often should I do an Exercise Metabolic Test?

Q: When can I do an Exercise Metabolic Test?

Q: How high should my fitness level be before I do an Exercise Metabolic Test?

Q: How does an Exercise Metabolic Test help me manage my weight?

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

Q: Shouldn't I do a VO2 "Max" test?

Q: How long does an Exercise Metabolic Test take?

Q: What is Anaerobic Threshold, and how is it different than Lactate Threshold?

Q: Why is Aerobic Threshold and Fat Burning so important?

Q: Can I use test results from one sport, like cycling, and use it for another, like running?

Q: What's wrong with using training zones based on my Estimated Max Heart Rate?

Also in this podcast:
bq. -An interview with *pro triathlete Angela Naeth.* As a first year pro, Angela placed #8 at the Half-Ironman Triathlon World Championships, and during her discussion with Ben, she talks about her World Championship performance, how she feeds her body for training and racing (including a fat-laden fruit that she frequently utilizes), her favorite energy bar brand, and her plans for the 2009 race season. Be sure to listen in to get the inside scoop on coach Chuckie V's plan for making Angela a top-notch swimmer, and also visit one of Ben's other favorite spots to listen to triathlete interviews: The IM Talk Podcast .

-If you quit training, how quickly can you actually lose physical fitness? In this Listener Q&A, Ben talks about the results of two studies that investigated the detraining effect of skeletal muscle and how long it actually takes to lose fitness. Remember, if you have a burning question, simply *e-mail Ben,* or leave a comment in the podcast shownotes.

bq. -Check out the video above! The official date and instructions for attending "Ben Greenfield's Top 12 Fat Burning Secrets - A New Year's Super Special". This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is your chance to participate in a FREE and LIVE 90 minute video interview and Q&A session with Ben, where he will give away his most highly effective fat-loss strategies for 2009. On+ Sunday, January 4, at 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time+, all you need to do simply point your browser to: *, *where you'll be able to watch and interact with Ben as he tells you exactly what to do to reach your specific goals. Write it on your calendar won't want to miss this one!

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!|title=shape21webbookcover|height=320|alt=|width=286|class=size-medium wp-image-182 alignright|src=!<br/><br/>The following is a special message from Ben Greenfield:<br/><br/>Dear Perplexed,<br/><br/>It's the sad truth, and I can understand your confusion and frustration. Too many fat burning or muscle toning programs are incredibly complicated, require expensive gym memberships, demand hours spent preparing meals in the kitchen, and result in burn-out, mental fatigue, and boredom!<br/><br/>It just shouldn't have to be that way.<br/><br/>Not only should exercise and nutrition be understandable, achievable, and straight-forward, but it should get results that you can see.<br/><br/>Frankly, if you're not noticing any changes within 3 weeks, then something might just be wrong.<br/><br/>So is there a solution to your problem? Does a program exist that involves A) no guesswork and *B) *won't make smoke come out your ears as you try to interpret the complexity?<br/><br/>Yes! After working for over 9 years as a Spokane personal trainer, helping thousands of people melt away literally tons of fat, and discovering how to transform the body into a lean and athletic fat-burning machine, I've collected all the secrets that I've learned over the years and packaged them into one complete manual - a book that will change the way you view nutrition and exercise forever. I call it....

Shape21: The Complete 21 Day Lean Body Manual</p><br/><br/>This guide offers a revolutionary new approach, and here's why: rather than separate nutrition and exercise into two different programs, I've combined a workout plan, grocery shopping list, exercise instruction manual and meal menu that shows you exactly how to exercise and what to eat every single day...<br/><br/><!more>

That means there is zero guesswork - it's all there, in one complete, easy-to-read package that you can keep in your car, gym locker, kitchen table, or grocery store shopping cart!

Best of all, I've designed Shape21 to be applicable for all levels. So each manual includes options for beginner, intermediate, or advanced individuals.

That means that if you have never worked out before, but want to take charge of your life and begin a new exercise and nutrition routine, you'll start with the beginner level...<br/><br/>But if you're in decent shape, but need to lose a few percentage points of body fat, or need to find a diet that caters to your busy lifestyle, you'll begin Shape21 at the intermediate level...<br/><br/>Finally, for athletes who want to see unparalleled increases in speed and power, while retaining a lean sprinter's body and consuming the best possible fuel, the advanced level exercise program in Shape21 will instantly give you a huge performance boost!<br/><br/>This is the fitness world's most comprehensive yet simplistic exercise manual ever written!<br/><br/>Based on what I learned from personal interactions with individuals at health clubs and virtual interactions with the online clients that I personally train at I discovered that people need a routine that is easy-to-follow, and involves no guesswork...they want exercise and nutrition that is:* <br/><br/>Quick, practical and easy to understand!<br/><br/>Step-by-step exercise and eating instructions are a must, and photos are very helpful. So I designed Shape21 to be exactly this type of fitness and diet's how it works:<br/><br/>The first few pages quickly provide you with a simple introduction of what to expect and exactly how to use the manual, including a walk-through of how to use the meal plan, workout plan...<br/><br/>...then you find out exactly what you need from the grocery shopping list to follow the meal plan for every single week...and trust me<strong>'ll find everything at your local grocery store...just check-off the foods as you put them in your cart...</strong><br/><br/>...once you turn to Day 1, you will have access to a comprehensive menu for every single meal of the day, including exact quantities, easy cooking instructions, when to eat and dozens of other practical nutrition tips and tricks for a delicious, healthy and lean-body diet. And since I work with people who have super busy lifestyles - just like you - I've made sure that the menu takes almost no time and effort to prepare...<br/><br/>...also on Day 1, you'll find your complete exercise plan for the day. You'll be provided with a picture of every exercise, exact specifications for the cardiovascular training, instructions for the best time of day to complete the workouts, and how to match up your meal times to your exercise times for the best boost to your metabolism - all closely guarded personal training secrets that have never before been offered in such a comprehensive package...<br/><br/>...every single day is just as simple! Your meals and your exercises change in new and exciting ways for all 21 days, and each day is laid out in a clear and easy-to-follow format. You'll never get bored, you'll never have to wonder if you're "doing it right", and you'll be able to literally watch the fat melt away while discovering new strength, speed, and power you never thought possible...<br/><br/> help you understand why it works so well, at the end of the manual I've included an FAQ's section that provides you with the science behind the nutrition and the workouts, as well as an exercise index that allows you to quickly and easily look up the page number for any of the 101 exercises included in Shape21...<br/><br/>...and finally, since no single body is alike, every day offers calorie consumption ranges and alternate meals based on body size, as well as your choice of beginner, intermediate, and advanced workout plans, each with varying difficulties of exercise and recommendations for altering exercises in the case of previously injured joints or different levels of strength...<br/><br/>No expensive gym membership, awkward exercise equipment, or special dietary supplements required!
That's right. You can literally take Shape21 workouts with you to the park, family room, basement, or outdoors backyard and complete every single exercise with your body weight only plus one set of weights, whether they be weight plates, dumbbells, or a even a couple of heavy rocks!

In the manual, I provide recommendations on exactly how much resistance you should be using, as well as instructions on how you can substitute one exercise for another, alter exercises if you have injured joints, and change movement patterns to affect the intensity.

People will wonder how you got so lean and muscular when you don't even use any of the fancy bells and whistles at the health club! Shape21 teaches you how to utilize your gym workouts in a quick and efficient way, without relying on long exercise machine routines or wasting time with ineffective exercises, but instead performing energizing, functional, and metabolism-boosting workouts that provide instant results!<br/><br/>In the same way that you don't need special gym equipment for the exercises, the same goes for the nutrition - you don't need access to a health foods outlet or expensive dietary supplement manufacturer to follow the Shape21 manual. While these type of natural, organic, or nutrient-added foods may sometimes be "healthier" than what appears at a regular grocery store, they can also be alot tougher, less convenient, or more expensive to get your hands on.<br/><br/>Remember - Shape21 enables and empowers you achieve a lean body without having to drastically alter your lifestyle - so all you need is your local grocery store!<br/><br/>This manual is your answer to finally getting the results you want. Just think about it...21 days from now, you will be a fitter, and healthier person, fully empowered with the exercise and nutrition knowledge that you need to maintain astounding results for the rest of your life.<br/><br/>Are you ready to get results for fat loss or lean muscle gain without being puzzled about how to "put it all together"? Then here's your chance to take that first step towards your new body, and eliminate all the guess-work from your fitness plan.<br/><br/>Learn dozens of closely guarded personal training secrets and change the way you view exercise and diet forever - click here to order Shape21 for just $19.95.

!|title=shape21webbookcover|height=217|alt=|width=194|class=size-medium wp-image-182 alignleft|src=!<br/>Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting new results every time. Step out of the insanity! Once you've downloaded this book to your computer by clicking here, you can simply start at Day 1, completely fresh, and progress through 21 days, as if you have a personal trainer and nutritionist standing right there at your side!<br/><br/>Do you have questions? Just *e-mail me. *Otherwise, enjoy your new book, and feel free to send your testimonials, pictures, and results after you make your 3 week journey towards melting away fat, toning lean muscle, and developing your new lean body!


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!|title=fatkidwrestler|height=282|style=margin: 5px;|alt=|width=427|class=size-medium wp-image-161 alignleft|src=!<br/><br/>Why should you care that kids are getting fatter? Because it is costing you millions of dollars in health care costs,�� because it is a direct reflection of the choices and examples that you make, and because we owe the children in this nation a better future. In this Podcast Episode #24 , I interview Monica Reinagel, host of *The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips Podcast . During *this interview, we talk about the seriousness of the childhood obesity problem, and the fact that kids are dying of "adult" diseases that are intimately tied to junk food, fast food, portion control, and other important nutritional issues. Included in this podcast:<br/><br/>-The underlying nutrition considerations behind this problem.<br/><br/>-How to approach the difficult position of wanting your child to be able to "enjoy" perks like McDonald's and Coca-Cola.<br/><br/>-How children can eat healthy and still enjoy food, with examples of meal decisions, substitutions or changes that parents can make.<br/><br/>-Nutritional choices that parents can make that will positively affect the behavior of their children.<br/><br/>-How young is too young to start making smart diet choices for your kid?<br/><br/>During this podcast, Monica mentions a fantastic resource, the "Real Food for Healthy Kids" book , as well as her website and her latest book (non-childhood obesity related): "The Inflammation-Free Diet".<br/><br/>Also featured in this podcast:<br/><br/>-A listener Q&A on alternative calcium sources to milk, in which Ben Greenfield reveals the secret vegetable that has more calcium than a glass of milk.<br/><br/>-A special discount code for +the Gymstick portable exercise tool (click here to order with your $10 discount code found at minute 10:25 of the podcast!) ,<br/><br/>-An introduction to the following two highly affordable triathlon training plans written by Ben Greenfield+:<br/>bq. Ironman Canada Training Plan, for January 1-August 30, 2009 - just $179 with $20 discount code at minute 13:50 of the podcast!<br/><br/><br/>Ironman Coeur D' Alene Training Plan, for January 1-June 21, 2009 - just $179 with $20 discount code at minute 13:50 of the podcast!



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