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!|title=pills20red20and20blue|height=220|alt=|width=312|class=alignleft size-medium wp-image-118|src=!<br/><br/>In this *October 12**</a><strong><a title="Podcast Episode #16" target="_blank">, 2008 podcast</a></strong>, Ben Greenfield podcasts from the Hawaii Ironman Medical Conference on the following topics:<br/><br/>-cutting-edge research on getting the most out of your cardio training<br/><br/><br/>-managing gut issues during exercise<br/><br/><br/>-proprietary methods for enhancing recovery from your workouts<br/><br/><br/>-how to achieve vast amounts of endurance in a very short period of time<br/><br/><br/>This podcast also includes a special announcement about a new "Tip of the Week" newsletter from Ben's book: "100 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism".<br/><br/>Links included in this podcast:<br/><br/>*100 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Newsletter*<br/><br/>*Article on "Eating Before Your Workout"*<br/><br/>Muscle-Trac Muscle Rolling Stick (recovery)
<br/><br/>Foam Rollers from Perform Better (recovery) <br/><br/>*Recover-Ease (proteolytic enzyme source for recovery)*<br/><br/>Ben Greenfield's Triathlon Adventures *


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!|title=blue-gymsticksmall1|height=208|alt=|width=352|class=alignleft size-medium wp-image-95|src=!In this week���s *Podcast Episode #12:*<br/><br/>*New Content: The Healthy Traveler and tips from Warsaw, Poland.<br/><br/>Listener Q&A: Butter vs. Olive Oil, Regular Energy Gel vs. Caffeinated Energy Gel with Protein<br/><br/>Featured Product:* Ben Greenfield���s #1 Recommended Portable Exercise Device - The Gymstick! Click here to find out more about this fantastic new product.


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In this *podcast*:<br/><br/>News From<br/><br/>-Shape21 Book Giveaway ( )<br/><br/>-Ben Greenfield's Twitter page ( <br/><br/>*Question of the Day & Interview <br/><br/>-* Pill poppin' with Wesley and Ben<br/><br/>*Link to Supplement Article <br/><br/>- click here<br/><br/>The Synergy System <br/><br/>- *click here for more details*<br/><br/>!|title=pills1|alt=|class=aligncenter size-medium wp-image-81|src=!<br/><br/><p style="text-align: left;">Products mentioned in this show...<br/>*</p><br/>Hammer Gel Race Caps - improves mitochondrial      activity (slow twitch muscle oxidation capacity), also great for      controlling effects of aging - order from ,      discount code 80244<br/><br/>Hammer Gel E-caps - electrolytes during      race/longer training sessions - order from ,      discount code 80244<br/><br/>Carlson's Norwegian Salmon Oil - omega 3 fatty      acids for antioxidant and joint health - order from ,      discount code 80244<br/><br/>Millennium Sports Kreaceps - creatine, load for      7 days prior to race to improve muscular force contraction; primarily for      wattage on bike, force production on run, etc. - order from or by calling 1800-249-7918.

Millennium Sports Citruvol - citrulline/nitric oxide, load      for 7 days prior to race to improve lactic acid clearance; speeds up      ammonia reduction, decreases burn in legs - order from or by calling 1800-249-7918.

Millennium Sports Carnage - alanine, load for 7      days prior to race to increase intramuscular nitric oxide levels;      enhances glucose and muscular oxygen uptake - order from or by calling 1800-249-7918.

Millennium Sports Cordgyen5 OR the new Cordygen      VO2 - cordyceps, load for 30 days prior to race to improve adrenal      activation of lung tissue and enhance VO2max - order from or by calling 1800-249-7918.

Millennium Sports Somnidren GH ��� take 15 minutes      prior to bed on an empty stomach (no eating for 2 hours prior) to optimize      recovery, deep sleep, and growth hormone release while sleeping - order from or by calling 1800-249-7918.

WickedFast RecoverEase - branched chain amino      acids, take 4 on training days to enhance recovery, take 8 after a race -      order from

Impax ProstElan - prostate anti-inflammatory for the long time spent in the saddle or for frequentl exercising males - order as "autoship" from 1-800-78-IMPAX: tell them your "enroller number" is 13372 and your "sponsor number" is 12228.

Impax EnerPrime - superfood multi-vitamin, too many benefits to list, but primarily for immune system integrity - order as "autoship" from 1-800-78-IMPAX: tell them your "enroller number" is 13372 and your "sponsor number" is 12228.

Impax DeltaE - only take as ergogenic aid for caffeine and vitamin B12 megadose content 30-45 minutes prior to race - order as "autoship" from 1-800-78-IMPAX: tell them your "enroller number" is 13372 and your "sponsor number" is 12228.

Impax EnerEFA ��� vegetarian alternative to fish oil, this capsule contains evening primrose oil and flaxseed oil, and should be taken in the morning with breakfast - order as "autoship" from 1-800-78-IMPAX: tell them your "enroller number" is 13372 and your "sponsor number" is 12228.

Mt. Capra Probiotics ��� enhance      digestive health, especially useful if you need to take antibiotics and      want to maintain healthy balance of good bacteria in the stomach. More      information at .<br/><br/><!EndFragment>


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