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!|title=sugar_cube|alt=|class=alignright size-medium wp-image-129|src=!In this November 4, 2008 podcast , Ben Greenfield interviews registered dietitian and sugar expert *Stacey Trogdon . *You'll hear some fascinating and very practical advice on What You Don't Know About Sugar, including:<br/><br/>-the true link between sugar and fat<br/><br/>-the one hormone that could both make you gain weight and give you diabetes<br/><br/>-a scary syndrome that you might actually be developing<br/><br/>-the amazing link between sugar and inflammation<br/><br/>-the difficult sugar decisions that athletes must make<br/><br/>----

<br/><br/>Also in this podcast:<br/><br/>-Special Newsletter Series from human nutrition & metabolism expert John Gilbert - be sure to sign-up for the newsletter to access this fantastic series! This week's article features some very practical tips about How Not To Get Fat While You're Eating at Work.<br/><br/>-+"Quality Over Quantity" Ironman 6 Month Training Plan, brand new design from Ben Greenfield - *click here to learn more.*<br/><br/>-Podcast Discount on Fat Loss Capsule +- during the introduction to Podcast #20, there is a special discount code that automatically gives you a ten dollar discount on *ThermoFactor*! *Click here to order with your discount code.*


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