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!|title=natureleafw300h300|height=169|style=border: 0pt none; margin: 5px; float: left;|alt=|width=169|class=alignleft alignnone size-medium wp-image-125|src=!In this October 28, 2008 audio episode , Ben Greenfield interviews Dr. Todd Schlapfer of Coeur D' Alene Healing Arts. Dr. Todd introduces the concept of naturopathic medicine, and differences between allopathic and naturopathic, then proceeds to give concrete examples of:<br/><br/>-how active individuals can determine proper dietary protocols via specific types of testing...<br/><br/>-what the optimum nutritional philosophy should include...<br/><br/>-how to enhance recovery and muscle repair with mineral intake...<br/><br/>-why excessive protein intake can be harmful...<br/><br/>-the importance of the right type of fat, and ideal dietary sources...<br/><br/>-how chronic inflammation, an acidic body pH, performance, and health are interrelated...<br/><br/>*Click here for a link to a previous podcast on medium chain fatty acids (MUFA's), which are introduced as a healthy energy option by Dr. Todd.<br/><br/>Also in this podcast:*<br/><br/>-listener Q&A: is it possible to become stronger and aerobically fit at the same time?<br/><br/>-*how to subscribe for free *to Ben Greenfield's Shape21 Newletter, which provides a new meal plan and workout for each week!<br/><br/>*-introduction to next week's topic: *an interview with registered dietician Stacey Trogdon on What You Don't Know About Sugar.


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