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In this video, Ben Greenfield gives you two highly effective recommendations for learning the squat exercise. The squat is a perfect way to effectively tone your thighs, butt and quads, burn a high number of calories in a short period of time, and boost leg strength for sport performance.<br/><br/>httpv://


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You shouldn't have to train 15-20 hours a week to be competitive at Ironman.<br/><br/>Ben Greenfield has designed a 6 month training plan designed for the busy, working Ironman triathlete. This plan can be implemented at any point during the training year, and brings the beginner, intermediate, or advanced individual to the Ironman finish line in 6 months! Click here for details. <br/><br/>Also, visit the *TrainingPeaks blog* for Ben's latest article on recovery...


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Shape21: The 3 Week Lean Body Manual is a step-by-step exercise and nutrition guide designed by Ben Greenfield. The book features beginner, intermediate, and advanced level workouts, combined with a daily meal plan, grocery list, and detailed exercise instructions and photos.<br/><br/>Today's workout video is taken straight from Day 14 of this cutting-edge program. You'll notice that the workout is brief! Each Shape21 exercise session is designed to be just 20-30 minutes in length, wasting no time in maximizing fat burning and muscle toning effect.<br/><br/>httpv://<br/><br/>Intermediate Level - Perform 4x Through, rest minimally between exercises:<br/><br/>14 Lift & Press<br/>21 Jumping Jacks<br/>14 Bent Rows<br/>7 Lunge & Curl per Leg<br/>60 second Run or Bike at 100%<br/><br/>Click here to visit today!


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*Need a quick workout to do on your office break? *In this *4 minute video , *Ben Greenfield demonstrates how to use an elastic band resistance training tool like The Gymstick  for a short and effective workout that boosts the metabolism with no sweat. Simply perform the exercises in the video with minimal rest, and repeat 1-2x if time permits.<br/><br/>httpv://<br/><br/>Recommend exercises/reps are as follows:<br/><br/>Front Squat to Press - 10-15 reps<br/><br/>Standing Body Rotation - 10-15 reps/side<br/><br/>Triceps Press - 10-15 reps<br/><br/>Rows - 15-20 reps<br/><br/>Sideways Leg Kicks - 10-15 reps/side<br/><br/>Upright Row - 10-15 reps<br/><br/>Good Morning "Bows" - 15-20 reps<br/><br/>Bicep Curl - 10-15 reps


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A Complete Core Workout

Posted by pacificfit Aug 19, 2008

httpv://<br/><br/>You can do this comprehensive abdominal and low back workout with a dumbbell, but it works much better with the medicine ball that features a handle. Just go to *PerformBetter's website*, and click on medicine balls, then look for the First Place Core Medicine Ball. A kettlebell would also work well.


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httpv://<br/><br/>On today's blog, I've posted the latest video in this series, which uses the JC All-Purpose Exercise Band from Perform Better . At the bottom of this post, I've included a *video file *that gives step-by-step instructions on how to find this band at the website (or just click here for the video file) The band used in the video is "Orange" medium resistance.<br/><br/>Perform each exercise in the video at a high rep range of 30-50 reps (I perform 50 in the video), and do the circuit two to three times through with minimal rest.<br/><br/>Exercises:<br/><br/>1) Swim forward chest press<br/><br/>2) Swim back reverse pull<br/><br/>3) Overhead extension<br/><br/>4) Kneeling swim back reverse pull<br/><br/>5) Oblique chop high-to-low<br/><br/>Enjoy your workout!<br/><br/>P.S. Not sure if anyone has been to my multi-sport strength training channel at **, but on that site I post workout videos for triathletes, and anyone else who wants to get in fantastic shape with highly effective 20-40 minute workouts. Check it out.


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Body weight only workout, and you can perform it anywhere - bedroom, hotel, backyard or bowling alley!<br/><br/>Instructions:<br/><br/>-5 Regular Push-ups<br/><br/>-5 Narrow Grip Push-ups<br/><br/>-10 Swoop or Hindu Push-ups<br/><br/>-20 Mountain Climbers<br/><br/>-20 Pulls<br/><br/>-30 Second Ab Hover<br/><br/>-20 Dips<br/><br/>-10 Lateral Step-ups per Side<br/><br/>httpv://


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Round and Round

Posted by pacificfit Jul 4, 2008

httpv:// <br/><br/>Round and Round is a workout straight from <br/><br/>Here's how it goes:<br/><br/>1. Do 5 Swing Squats<br/><br/>2. Do 60 seconds cardio (bike, run, jumping jacks, etc.)<br/><br/>3. Do 5 Super Slow Push-ups<br/><br/>4. Do 5 Mountain Climbers per side<br/><br/>5. Do 5 Pull-Ups or Pull-Downs<br/><br/>6. Do 60 more seconds of cardio<br/><br/>Repeat, but add 1-2 repetitions to stations 1, 2, 4, & 7. Check out the video for exercise instructions!


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