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!|title=boer-goat1|height=275|style=margin: 5px; float: left;|alt=|width=242|class=alignleft size-medium wp-image-116|src=!In this September 26, 2008 podcast , Ben Greenfield interviews Joe Stout, an expert in the field of animal proteins. During this 30 minute interview, Ben and Joe discuss many topics, including:<br/><br/>-goat vs. cow vs. vegetable based protein<br/><br/><br/>-whey protein vs. casein protein<br/><br/>-colostrum for sports performance or immune system integrity<br/><br/>-probiotics<br/><br/>-digestive enzymes<br/><br/>This podcast also includes a Q&A on creatine supplementation, a review of Ben Greenfield's recent post on aqua jogging for fitness maintenance, and an exciting announcement about the fitness synergy system from Pacific Elite Fitness.<br/><br/>Links included in this podcast:<br/><br/>*CREO2 by Millennium Sports*<br/><br/>*Mt. Capra Nutritional Products*<br/><br/>Good Source for Probiotics, Colustrum, and Goat Protein (Use code BGF for 5% discount)<br/><br/>Pacific Elite Fitness - personal training from Ben Greenfield


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!|title=deltaelabel1|height=359|style=border: 2px solid black; margin: 4px; float: left;|alt=|width=270|class=alignleft size-medium wp-image-108|src=!In this **September 19, 2008 podcast :<br/><br/>-Listener Q&A: differences between artificial sweetener brands, and the effect on appetite cravings and weight loss. Effect of Vitamin B12 (methycobalamin) mega-dosing on aging, energy and performance (see DeltaE ingredient label on left).<br/><br/>-Special Announcement: September 24 Nutrition Clinic in Spokane, WA.<br/><br/>-PODCAST SPECIAL! Video interview on magnetic fitness with Jerry White *(download full movie here)*<br/><br/>-Websites mentioned in this podcast:<br/><br/>Delta-E Vitamin B Megadose
<br/><br/>*Magstep Magnetic Insoles*<br/><br/>Biaxial Power Mag


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!|title=foot|height=255|style=margin: 4px; float: right;|alt=|width=263|class=alignright alignnone size-medium wp-image-105|src=!In this September 12, 2008 podcast :<br/><br/>-An interview with Dr. Darron Woolley about how the foot and ankle health affects the rest of the body, common injuries among active individuals, mistakes that people make when treating themselves, and the million-dollar question - how often should you change your shoes?<br/><br/>-Listener Q&A: carbohydate depletion and the pre-workout meal; nighttime eating; chiropractic questions.<br/><br/>-Special Announcement: September 24 Nutrition Clinic in Spokane, WA<br/><br/>-Websites mentioned in this podcast:<br/><br/>** - recommended book to fix low back pain permanently<br/><br/> - nutrition and meal content research[<br/> |]<br/><br/> - Dr. Darron Wooley's website  <br/><br/>*** - Ben Greenfield's favorite shoe**

** - a physiology lab in action!*
* - free articles, coaching, and training


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!|title=chiropractic2|style=border: 3px solid black; margin: 3px; float: right;|alt=|class=alignright size-medium wp-image-101|src=!In the September 5, 2008 *Podcast Episode #13*:

New content: Carbohydrate Timing System, Morning vs. Evening Exercise<br/><br/>Listener Q&A���s: Office Nutrition, Exercise Before Bed, Slow-Release Protein, Lateral Strength Building<br/><br/>Interview: Brian Mathers, Doctor of Chiropractic discusses the  most common mistakes people make when treating their own low back pain, and the top injuries treated in the chiropractic setting.<br/><br/>Links:<br/><br/>**


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!|title=high-glyc|style=border: 3px solid black; margin: 3px; float: left;|alt=|class=alignleft size-medium wp-image-99|src=!In Part II of this series, written while I trot back from Europe to America, I���m going to share a powerful method for choosing your meals that will keep you from gaining weight when you travel by air. I call it ���Carbohydrate Timing���. This method is especially useful in situations when you���re out of your daily routine, you must choose foods with which you aren���t familiar, and physical activity is limited.<br/><br/>Carbohydrates are synonymous with sugar. Let���s face it ��� almost every food that you could consume while traveling is going to contain a sugar based carbohydrate, and this method works on the following principle: when you consume a meal, sugars from that meal are released into your bloodstream. It doesn���t matter what you eat: tortellini, salad dressing, a glass of wine, nuts, raisins or an apple. Nearly everything contains at least a small amount of carbohydrate and therefore sugar.<br/><br/>When the sugar is released into your bloodstream from the digestive tract, there is a powerful hormonal response that allows your body to process the sugar. Many of you are already familiar with this response: the release of the hormone insulin from the pancreas. Insulin stimulates your body���s tissues to take up sugar for use as energy.<br/><br/>But the reality is that due to lack of physical activity while airplane traveling, the body���s tissues are already full of energy and very little energy is actually being used, and so the sugar must go elsewhere. The liver can very conveniently convert the sugar into fat, and high levels of circulating insulin from high sugar meals will encourage this process. And that is how people gain weight when they travel.<br/><br/>So how does Carbohydrate Timing actually work? Simply follow these three simple rules:<br/><br/>1) Consume any carbohydrate-based meal immediately before AND after stretching or light physical activity. For example, if you anticipate the meal on the plane being served at 1pm, get up and perform a full body stretch routine at 12:50, then perform a light calisthenic routine of 3x25 body weight squats and 3x25 arm circles immediately after the meal. The flow of blood and slight rise in body temperature from the light physical activity will regulate blood sugars effectively and improve the body���s sensitivity to insulin.<br/><br/>2) When exercise is not possible, the rule is simple: only consume primarily fat or protein based meals in the absence of physical activity or stretching. Therefore, the apple in your carry-on bag is for after those body weight squats you do on the back of plane, while the bag of walnuts is to be consumed directly before getting your one hour nap.<br/><br/>*3) Do not consume any simple sugar based carbohydrates, period. This means no soda, no juice, no rolls, no pasta, no pretzels, no snack mix. *The only exception is A) fruit, which although a simple sugar, is nutrient and fiber rich, and will cause less metabolic damage than the other processed sugars or B) you���re actually working out (for example, performing the Metabolic Body Weight Workout from at an empty gate). The last meal served on my plane was pasta with vegetables, a cake dessert with strawberries, a roll, and a wedge of cheese. I opted for the vegetables, strawberries from the dessert, and cheese, then satiated the appetite with a handful of almonds from my carry-on bag.

Staying fit and healthy is hard work. But when your immune system is top-notch, your body performs at its peak capacity, and your mind is clear and sharp, you���ll be glad that you made that extra effort!

*Bonus Blog Content from *[ |].:


I read many e-books when I travel, and on this last 14 day trip, I happened to review one of my own books (which I wrote 2 years ago) entitled ���100 Ways To Boost The Metabolism���. Check out this interesting tidbit from page 42 of the book:</p><br/>"Caffeine ingestion can increase your metabolic rate and energy expenditure by over 10%, and coffee is one of the most inexpensive and convenient ways to achieve this effect. In addition to stimulating the central nervous system and increasing both mental and physical energy, coffee can improve memory, enhance athletic performance, and help you burn more fat as a fuel, especially during aerobic activity. Caffeine can also inhibit the growth of new adipose cells (your body���s fat storage tissue) and when taken with a meal can improve fat-burning. In order to maximize the beneficial effect of caffeine on your metabolism, you must consume coffee or caffeine supplements only in moderation. If these supplements are consumed in excess, your central nervous system and hormones can adapt and grow non-responsive to the metabolic effect. In addition, constantly increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and increased release of your body���s adrenaline hormones can eventually lead to physical stress and breakdown. Excessive caffeine consumption has also been linked to headaches, restlessness, irritatibility, insomnia, anxiety, dehydration, stomach irritation, and heart palpitations. A metabolic increasing dose of caffeine is about 100-200 milligrams daily, which is the equivalent of one or two small cups, or 10-15 ounces. For the best effect on exercise, consume about 45-60 minutes prior to the workout, which will result in an optimal carbohydrate sparing and fat burning effect. Coffee in the morning, prior to about 20-30 minutes of light to moderate exercise, followed by a complex breakfast is a great fat burning strategy. Because it contains all the benefits of coffee with less caffeine, delta-E is a healthy and more energy stabilizing alternative to regular coffee.���<br/><br/>On the book website, you can read more... Just go to * . *



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!|title=1204903122_morning-exercises-1|height=230|style=margin: 3px; float: left;|alt=|width=172|class=alignleft size-medium wp-image-97|src=!Ben Greenfield is a featured contributor on the TrainingPeaks blog at Here is a recent post:<br/><br/>Q: Should I exercise in the morning or the evening?<br/><br/>A: Depends on your goals! If you are exercising for sports performance and want to be able to achieve the highest possible intensities during your routine, then the optimal time to exercise is when your body temperature is at its highest. For most people, this is about 4p to 5p in the afternoon. On the other hand, your body temperature is at its lowest just before you wake, so rolling out of bed for an interval training session may not be the best idea. In addition, research has shown that your aerobic capacity, strength output, and sprint capabilities are also higher in the afternoon (but only by 4-5%).<br/><br/>Conversely, morning exercise does has benefits. By jump-starting your metabolism and increasing your core temperature early in the day, you increase your post-exercise oxygen deficit and calorie-burning rate throughout the remainder of the day. Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight or burn fat, a morning exercise session can be highly effective. Psychologically, you may be more likely to exercise in the morning, versus after a hard day of work, when your mind and body may be tired or you may have too many other duties to fulfill. It doesn't matter if you're able to exercise with higher intensity in the afternoon if you never actually get around to doing it!<br/><br/>The ultimate combination, and the system I implement for my clients who want simultaneously build fitness and burn fat, is an aerobic morning exercise session of 30-60 minutes, followed by a more intense interval, sport-specific, or resistance training session in the late afternoon or evening.<br/><br/>Do you have a question for Ben? E-mail


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!|title=blue-gymsticksmall1|height=208|alt=|width=352|class=alignleft size-medium wp-image-95|src=!In this week���s *Podcast Episode #12:*<br/><br/>*New Content: The Healthy Traveler and tips from Warsaw, Poland.<br/><br/>Listener Q&A: Butter vs. Olive Oil, Regular Energy Gel vs. Caffeinated Energy Gel with Protein<br/><br/>Featured Product:* Ben Greenfield���s #1 Recommended Portable Exercise Device - The Gymstick! Click here to find out more about this fantastic new product.


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!|title=carryonbag|style=margin: 3px; float: left;|alt=|class=alignleft alignnone size-medium wp-image-87|src=!Summer air travel can be the bane of your healthy living quest. While at home, the consistency  of your exercise and nutrition habits offers a reliable means of maintaining wellness. But once you hit the runway, everything changes. For  a better idea of what I mean, perhaps you should read an article from the Pacific Elite Fitness archives, titled "How To Get Fat When You Fly ".<br/><br/>The purpose of the next few blog posts (appropriately named in a series called "The Healthy Traveler"), is to allow you to follow me, Ben Greenfield, on a six day excursion to and through Poland, where I will be attending my brother's wedding.<br/><br/>In this first post, we'll inspect 8 Essential Items in the carry-on bag of The Healthy Traveller. The following items are not necessarily the most ideal, the most useful, or the most practical but they are exactly what lies in the carry-on bag beneath my feet as I write this article...<br/><br/>1) Two yams. Quick! You're rushing out the door and realize you have no food plans for the flight. While microwaving may not be the healthiest option for cooking food, a fast nuke can make for a healthy meal later in the day. 2008 Olympic 100 and 200 meter gold medalist Usain Bolt swears by yams, and I happen to always have a couple around. If I don't have the chance to bake at 400 for an hour, I microwave for 12-15 minutes and throw into a ziplock bag. For sweet (breakfast), you can down these with a pack of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon from the airport Starbucks. For savory (lunch or dinner), lightly sprinkle with salt, and a small amount of ketchup. A great meal for the airport, packed with dense vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.<br/><br/>2) Four Bumblebars . High in good fats from their generous nut and seed content, Bumblebars are my healthy bar of choice, and the Chocolate flavor pairs fantastically with a cup of black coffee.  Other good brands include Larabar, Hammerbar and Biobar. When choosing energy bars, look for:<br/><br/>-Primary carb source (at least 3g of fiber or more) from whole grains like brown rice, oats, bran, barley, rye, buckwheat or whole wheat flour.<br/><br/>-Primarily sweetened by natural sugars (preferably 15g or less): dried or fresh fruit, fruit juice, purees (fructose), milk (lactose) or honey.<br/><br/>-Contains lean protein sources such as whey, soy, casein or eggs.<br/><br/>-Monounsaturated fat sources like nuts and seeds, nut butters or flaxseed.<br/><br/>-Limited in ingredients like wheat flakes, rice, white flour, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, dextrose, malitol, malt syrup, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colors, saturated/trans fats, palm kernel oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil or extra calories from chocolate, caramel, frosting, or icing.<br/><br/>3) An orange. Fruits will give you fiber, more vitamins, and immune-boosting Vitamin C (important in that passenger-crammed airplane space). Try to travel with "peel-fruits" like oranges or grapefruits. Bananas tend to get a bit mushy when thrown around in your luggage.<br/><br/>4) Ziplock bag of Brazil nuts and almonds. Nuts are a good source of both healthy fats, as well as low-glycemic index carbohydrates, offering blood sugar stabilization during that long flight. I'm a very big fan of Brazil nuts, which are high in selenium, a potent anti-oxidant that fights many of the free radicals generated during physical activity and daily metabolism. However, they are expensive, so I mix with almonds, another healthy nut. Avoid peanuts, which are higher in toxins and pesticides.<br/><br/>5) Elastic band . Elastic bands are highly portable, very light, and give you access to a variety of exercises that simulate a typical gym workout. In Chicago O' Hare, I performed this 20 minute circuit three times through, under the stairwell in the B concourse: 20 Push-ups, 20 Reverse Pull-Ups, 20 Elastic Band Overhead Presses, 20 Walking Lunges, 20 Elastic Band Torso Twists, 20 Elastic Band Rows.<br/><br/>6) Actionwipes. I've blogged about 'em before. After I finished my elastic band workout, I had 5 minutes to catch the flight to Dusseldorf, Germany. I had both the Actionwipe spray and the Actionwipe wipes in my carry-on. I made a quick trip to the bathroom on my way to the gate and wiped myself down with the clean, fresh scent of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil, natural anti-fungals and anti-septics. Use discount code BGF for a 10% discount.<br/><br/>7) Tube of* UHydration .* This a new product that is a blend of electrolytes and vitamins. You add it to water, and get the equivalent of something like Vitamin water, except without the nasty chemically artificial sweetener taste and no calories. This stuff is sweetened with Stevia Leaf Extract, and contains Vitamin A, C, B-6, B-12, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, Zinc, Sodium, Potassium, and Choline. Tangerine-Ginger is my flavor of choice today.<br/><br/>8) Wax Ear-Plugs and EyeMask. Deep, rapid-eye-movement sleep is essential to immune-system health and muscle repair and recovery.  Inadequate sleep affects insulin sensitivity, appetite control hormones (increased leptin, decreased ghrelin), weight loss hormones (decreased testosterone, increased cortisol) and appetite neurotransmitters (decreased GABA, serotonin, dopamine). Since noise and light are major disruptions to deep REM sleep, you'll be healthier if you can block these out.<br/><br/>That's it! Remember, being healthy is about making those tiny extra efforts that ultimately leave you with soaring energy levels and mental clarity, low annual health care costs and peak physical performance.<br/><br/>I'll teach you more with each post from The Healthy Traveller during this week's adventures in Poland...


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In *this episode,* Greenfield interviews Steve Davison of Impulse Power on how inertia can be used in training for general fitness and sports performance. Also, a listener Q&A about how to choose the best supplements when cash is limited.

Mentioned in this episode:<br/><br/>-Impulse Power website<br/><br/>-Enerprime and EnerEFA  supplements<br/><br/>Please ignore this last line of code below. It is merely designed to make this podcast available at Podcast Alley.<br/><br/>[ My Podcast Alley feed! |] {pca-cdd246791c13e3f9fe66b62c9cc4c74a}


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A Complete Core Workout

Posted by pacificfit Aug 19, 2008

httpv://<br/><br/>You can do this comprehensive abdominal and low back workout with a dumbbell, but it works much better with the medicine ball that features a handle. Just go to *PerformBetter's website*, and click on medicine balls, then look for the First Place Core Medicine Ball. A kettlebell would also work well.


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In this *podcast*:<br/><br/>News From<br/><br/>-Shape21 Book Giveaway ( )<br/><br/>-Ben Greenfield's Twitter page ( <br/><br/>*Question of the Day & Interview <br/><br/>-* Pill poppin' with Wesley and Ben<br/><br/>*Link to Supplement Article <br/><br/>- click here<br/><br/>The Synergy System <br/><br/>- *click here for more details*<br/><br/>!|title=pills1|alt=|class=aligncenter size-medium wp-image-81|src=!<br/><br/><p style="text-align: left;">Products mentioned in this show...<br/>*</p><br/>Hammer Gel Race Caps - improves mitochondrial      activity (slow twitch muscle oxidation capacity), also great for      controlling effects of aging - order from ,      discount code 80244<br/><br/>Hammer Gel E-caps - electrolytes during      race/longer training sessions - order from ,      discount code 80244<br/><br/>Carlson's Norwegian Salmon Oil - omega 3 fatty      acids for antioxidant and joint health - order from ,      discount code 80244<br/><br/>Millennium Sports Kreaceps - creatine, load for      7 days prior to race to improve muscular force contraction; primarily for      wattage on bike, force production on run, etc. - order from or by calling 1800-249-7918.

Millennium Sports Citruvol - citrulline/nitric oxide, load      for 7 days prior to race to improve lactic acid clearance; speeds up      ammonia reduction, decreases burn in legs - order from or by calling 1800-249-7918.

Millennium Sports Carnage - alanine, load for 7      days prior to race to increase intramuscular nitric oxide levels;      enhances glucose and muscular oxygen uptake - order from or by calling 1800-249-7918.

Millennium Sports Cordgyen5 OR the new Cordygen      VO2 - cordyceps, load for 30 days prior to race to improve adrenal      activation of lung tissue and enhance VO2max - order from or by calling 1800-249-7918.

Millennium Sports Somnidren GH ��� take 15 minutes      prior to bed on an empty stomach (no eating for 2 hours prior) to optimize      recovery, deep sleep, and growth hormone release while sleeping - order from or by calling 1800-249-7918.

WickedFast RecoverEase - branched chain amino      acids, take 4 on training days to enhance recovery, take 8 after a race -      order from

Impax ProstElan - prostate anti-inflammatory for the long time spent in the saddle or for frequentl exercising males - order as "autoship" from 1-800-78-IMPAX: tell them your "enroller number" is 13372 and your "sponsor number" is 12228.

Impax EnerPrime - superfood multi-vitamin, too many benefits to list, but primarily for immune system integrity - order as "autoship" from 1-800-78-IMPAX: tell them your "enroller number" is 13372 and your "sponsor number" is 12228.

Impax DeltaE - only take as ergogenic aid for caffeine and vitamin B12 megadose content 30-45 minutes prior to race - order as "autoship" from 1-800-78-IMPAX: tell them your "enroller number" is 13372 and your "sponsor number" is 12228.

Impax EnerEFA ��� vegetarian alternative to fish oil, this capsule contains evening primrose oil and flaxseed oil, and should be taken in the morning with breakfast - order as "autoship" from 1-800-78-IMPAX: tell them your "enroller number" is 13372 and your "sponsor number" is 12228.

Mt. Capra Probiotics ��� enhance      digestive health, especially useful if you need to take antibiotics and      want to maintain healthy balance of good bacteria in the stomach. More      information at .<br/><br/><!EndFragment>


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httpv://<br/><br/>In the recent podcast episode #9, I interviewed US National Swim Coach Jerry White, who spoke about the use of magnets during exercise. He introduced the theory that exposing the body to magnetic fields during exercise can enhance flexibility, improve muscular stability and enhance lactic acid clearance.<br/><br/>It turns out that 41 year old Olympic swim phenom Dara Torres actually utilizes magnets for sports performance! Check out the picture below, where she is wearing a magnetic bracelet. In the youtube video above, you can also see her working out with a magnetic bracelet.<br/><br/>!|title=danatorres|style=border: 0pt none; margin: 0px;|alt=|class=size-medium wp-image-79|src=!<br/><br/>I've actually found a source for the bracelets. Click here  to check it out.<br/><br/>Also, there is an actual series of wraps that you can wear on your body after exercising, which I've started to utilize for recovery.* Click here * to check them out.


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Twitter and a Free Book

Posted by pacificfit Aug 10, 2008

!|title=shape21webbookcover|height=413|style=float: left;|alt=|width=370|class=alignleft alignnone size-medium wp-image-76|src=!*Want to win a free book? <br/><br/>You're in luck! In exactly 2 weeks, on August 24, at noon, Ben Greenfield will be selecting the top 3 blog comments of the entire 2 weeks and sending the authors a copy of Shape21: The Complete 21 Day Lean Body Manual. Your comments can be questions for Ben, analysis of recipes or articles, or even how you felt after performing the workouts in the Video section on BenGreenfieldFitness.<br/><br/>So what is Shape21? *This book includes exact day-by-day instructions with meal plans, recipes, grocery shopping lists, cardio routines, resistance training workouts, and exercise photos. Each day for 3 weeks, you find out how to shed maximum fat and achieve ideal muscular tone. No guesswork involved. Click here for more info on the Shape21 program by Ben Greenfield.<br/><br/>*And remember to post a comment on the blog. *It's the only way to win a free copy!<br/><br/>P.S. Ben Greenfield is now posting mini-tips on nutrition and fitness at . Don't know much about Twitter? That's OK. Just go to the page to learn more. It's the easiest way for you to follow expert advice for free!


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!|title=img_science_olive_oil|height=195|style=margin: 5px; float: left;|alt=|width=270|class=alignleft size-medium wp-image-75|src=!In this *podcast episode*, Ben Greenfield introduces the concept of a MUFA, and why it may be the key to turning on the body's fat burning process. Also, a review of the new content at (including the *forum*, the FAQ , and the *discount* page), and most significantly, an interview with Jerry White - a specialist in cutting-edge recovery techniques that go far beyond icing, stretching and massage!<br/><br/>Later this week, look for more content on the recovery techniques discussed in the interview with Jerry White.


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httpv://<br/><br/>On today's blog, I've posted the latest video in this series, which uses the JC All-Purpose Exercise Band from Perform Better . At the bottom of this post, I've included a *video file *that gives step-by-step instructions on how to find this band at the website (or just click here for the video file) The band used in the video is "Orange" medium resistance.<br/><br/>Perform each exercise in the video at a high rep range of 30-50 reps (I perform 50 in the video), and do the circuit two to three times through with minimal rest.<br/><br/>Exercises:<br/><br/>1) Swim forward chest press<br/><br/>2) Swim back reverse pull<br/><br/>3) Overhead extension<br/><br/>4) Kneeling swim back reverse pull<br/><br/>5) Oblique chop high-to-low<br/><br/>Enjoy your workout!<br/><br/>P.S. Not sure if anyone has been to my multi-sport strength training channel at **, but on that site I post workout videos for triathletes, and anyone else who wants to get in fantastic shape with highly effective 20-40 minute workouts. Check it out.


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