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Stretching Product

Posted by on Jun 4, 2008 1:31:54 PM


Tactical Marketing recently signed an agreement with 5Suns, LLC. to promote its product the Stretch-EZ, developed for athletes to safely and effectively stretch their legs, lower back, and hips to increase flexibility, prevent injury, and optimize physical potential.



Since Stretch-EZ was launched in 2006, thousands of people have felt the products positive effects backed by recommendations from physical therapists and endorsements from a variety of running organizations.



Greg Bennett, PT, DSC, MS of Excel Physical Therapy said "In particular, we have found that the hamstring/piriformis/sciatic and the gastrocnemius/soleus/plantar facia stretching are effective. As important, our patients find the device easy to use and therefore  more likely to use it."



In addition to physical therapists, magazines such as INSIDE TEXAS RUNNING (February 2008 issue) reviewed Stretch-EZ and wrote "Our testers were very surprised at how deep a stretch they could achieve with the Stretch-EZ. One tester with chronically tight calves remarked that his calves were a little sore a day after using the product-something the tester never experienced from any stretching routine previously."



"I've never been this excited about representing a product before, everyone that has used the Stretch-EZ loves it. It's just a matter of taking it out into the marketplace and letting customers try it," said Mark Hess of Tactical Marketing.



Tactical Marketing has also added a guarantee program.



"We are putting a plan in place to allow people to purchase the product from the website and if they are not happy with it simply return it for a refund," said Hess.






Tactical Marketing also plans on attending expos, marathons, triathlons, and other events throughout the U.S. to market the product.



"We are taking the product on the road to meet our customers. I want every athlete in the country professional and amateur, to try this product just one time." Hess said. "I know they'll like it."






For more information about individual or group sales, visit the Tactical Marketing Stretch-EZ website at:






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Stretch-EZ Gets Marketing Makeover With New Agreement Between 5Suns, LLC. and Tactical Marketing

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